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Afrihost Contact: Call Center, Packages

Afrihost is an Internet service company that offers its services in South Africa. You can resort to Afrihost contact to ask questions about any matter related to the company’s services.

You can hire services such as wireless and wireline for domestic, corporate, industrial or any location you need.

Launched in 2000, Afrihost is a South African Internet Service Provider (ISP) that offers services such as ADSL Broadband, Fibre, Fixed Wireless, Mobile and web hosting.

Initially a web hosting and general IT services company, Afrihost joined the broadband market in 2009.

The company is headquartered in Johannesburg.

If you wish to contact the company to take your doubts as to afrihost packages, Afrihost ADSL, or any other subject, please check below the Afrihost contact details:

Afrihost Contact

For those who need to take questions related to Afrihost hosting, Afrihost uncapped, Afrihost mobile data, afrihost support, as well as to the other issues relating to the company, the best way is to resort to the Afrihost call centre.

Thus, thinking about serving the consumer in a competent way, the company provides attendants able to remedy their doubts and solve their problems.

To chat with a specialized attending, call Afrihost Contact Number: + 27 11 612 7300.

Phone (International): +27(11) 612 7300;

Fax (Accounts): 086 552 8000;

Fax (Support): 086 552 9000;

Fax (Sales): 086 552 7000.

Check the Afrihost ADSL Packages

For years, Afrihost has been providing Uncapped DSL services to South African customers.

However, over time, looking for innovations, Afrihost updated its system and sought to provide cost-saving services.

With this measure taken by the company in 2016, the service of Afrihost uncapped ADSL had its cost reduced by 20%, with the package of 1Mbps dropping more than 50%-making it the cheapest unlimited DSL available in South Africa.

The company promises this reduction in price to value the consumer and still ensures that the quality will not be reduced.

In addition, the company ensured that the quality and speed of the Internet remained the same.

This new price list will also be worth the Bundles.

If you are interested in joining an uncapped wireless Afrihost package, certainly you must to check out the packages and plans below:

Casual Package

Casual package is a domestic plan most recommended for use at home, since the speed and power of the Internet, in this situation, best apply to few connected machines.

It costs R109 PM (Incl. VAT);

It is recommended use at home and home office;

Cost Per GB in bundle: Less than R1;

Free Data;

Monthly Data Rollover;

Topup Data Rollover;

Top-up Cost Per GB: R5;

Concurrent Connections: 5.


Multimedia package is an afrihost Internet plan that best applies in corporate environments or in environments that have own computers for games.

Thus, the power of the Internet is better suited to these situations, since both in the corporate environment and for the full functioning of games a good internet and with the proper power is fundamental.

It costs R219 PM (Incl. VAT);

Recommended Use: Small Business and Gaming;

Cost Per GB in bundle: Less than R1;

Free Data;

Concurrent Connections: 5;

Monthly Data Rollover;

Topup Data Rollover;

Top-up Cost Per GB: R5.

Data Overloads

The Afrihost data packages overloads plan has an excellent power and is precisely why it is recommended for locations with many machines connected to the same network.

In this case, it is also indicated the use in places where there are computers used for games that require a higher performance. Check:

It costs R619 PM (Incl. VAT);

Recommended Use: Office, Business, Gaming;

Cost Per GB in bundle: Less than R1;

Top-up Cost Per GB: R5;

Free Data;

Concurrent Connections: 5;

Monthly Data Rollover;

Topup Data Rollover.

Afrihost Address

Check the headquarters address: Afrihost HQ, 376 Rivonia Boulevard, Sandton – Gauteng.

Email Address

You can send an email to those electronic addresses:

Afrihost Accounts:;

Afrihost Support: