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DSTV Contact South Africa

DSTV is a TV satellite that works in Africa. This is a system belonging to the MultiChoice group. To contact us, you can use the DSTV contact number.

This subscription service has been available since 1995.

Therefore, customers have access to numerous channels. Currently, the number of 11.9 million subscribers is estimated.

The vast majority of customers are in South Africa. However, DSTV satellites also take channels to Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Lesotho, Uganda, Mauritius, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Botswana, Gabon and Swaziland.

DSTV contact is available in all countries.

To learn more about the channel system and have access to the DSTV call centre, continue reading below:

DSTV Contact

Currently, the Channel network provides access channels to the consumer so that they can take their doubts, such as information about DSTV channels.

See below DSTV contact details:

Randburg – (011) 289 2222

Cape Town – (021) 508 2222

Durban – (031) 710 2222

Umhlanga – (031) 710 2222

Centurion – (012) 422 2222

The DSTV call centre number is available seven days a week, including public holidays, from 7am to 11pmIn addition to the DSTV contact number, there is another facility that users and customers can use.

This is the DSTV self-service.

With this, you can access the website and take your doubts, report problems of transmission, absence of signal, among other options.

In addition, you can use DSTV customer care to access various information, such as DSTV prices, request services such as find installer.

See below how to use the DSTV self-service.

Self-Service DSTV

In addition to telephone contact, the DSTV customer service can be accessed through the self-service service.

Therefore, the customer has an exclusive and reserved area on the DSTV website and can use it for various purposes, such as issues related to DSTV payment, DSTV compact channels, DSTV bouquets.

For do this, it is sufficient for the consumer to access the DSTV official website of South Africa and log in with their electronic access data.

If you do not have an electronic registration, you can instantly perform it on the website, with your personal data.

When you access the system, on the menu, click Self Service.

On the next page, you can choose the service you want to access.

Click on it and report what you wish to request: information, doubts, services etc.

If you need more information about how to register on the website, use the DSTV helpline and an attendant will guide you until you get an access password.

Check the DSTV Packages

According to the DSTV guide, there are currently 8 channel packages available to customers wishing to hire satellite services.

They are:

  • DSTV Premium – 141 channels;
  • Compact Plus – 124 channels;
  • DSTV Compact – 110 channels;
  • Family – 83 channels;
  • DSTV Access – 64 channels;
  • EasyView – 36 channels,
  • DSTV Indian – 29 channels,
  • Portuguesa – 15 channels.

The website provides a very useful tool that allows consumers to compare two or more channel packages.

This way, you can check which channels are offered according to each package.

In addition, if you already have a package and want to change it, you can use the website to perform the DSTV upgrade and get a package with more channels and that best meets your needs.

DSTV Email Address

Customers can contact the DSTV Service Centre not only through telephone contact, but also via the internet.

In this way, if you prefer not to use the DSTV helpline number, simply contact us via the email address.