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Telkom Contact in South Africa

Telkom is a provider of telephone services. Through its services, people living in South Africa can enjoy telephone services with and without line. If you are looking for Telkom contact, this article is made for you. Follow it to the end.

This company operates in more than 30 countries across the African continent beyond South Africa.

It is a large discomfort company in Centurion, Gauteng, in South Africa.

Because it is a large company, Telkom contact is a fundamental channel that customers and potential users can use to get their doubts, request guidance and make complaints.

If you use a Telkom mobile line, wireless or wireline, at some point you will need to contct the company.

To know the phone contacts and electronic and in-person addresses of the company, to deal with issues related to Telkom ADSL, Telkom deals, Telkom Mobile deals, or any other type of subject, check below the Telkom contact number.

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Telkom Contact

To contact the company to deal with issues related to packages and plans, know Telkom data deals, take questions about Telkom WiFi, know how Telkom Internet works and have access to Telkom specials, as well as Telkom mobile data, just call the number below:

Telkom Mobile Contact: 081180 (it is free from a Telkom Mobile phone);

Home:   Sales – 10213  / Service – 10120 (it is free from a Telkom landline);

Business: Sales – 10213 / Service – 10217 (it is free from a Telkom landline).

Check the Telkom ADSL Contact

If you are in South Africa and need to contact Telkom to address ADSL related issues, you can use the following channels:

Telkom customer care contact: 081180;

However, you can also contact the company through the tools available on the website: send an email, find a store, chat to an agent and chat to the community.

Telkom ADSL Packages

One of the services offered by Telkom is the ADSL plans.

In this way, you can have Internet access in your home, work or wherever you want.

In order for your needs to be met and you have access to a good plan, the company has targeted the internet packages. See it below:

  • May Big Deal 2019 – with SIM Only

This plan allows you to get 10GB On the Go per month by R99. It is a convenient internet plan, which can be great for domestic or corporate lines. They are 10GB anytime data, plus a free unlimited WiFi bundle. Just that you have a router. It is available only in May.

  • UNLIMITED home 4Mbps

Up to 4Mbps ADSL;

Landline rental included;

Unlimited Anytime calls up to an hour per call (Telkom Fixed to Fixed & Telkom Mobile);

20% Discount on calls to the top 30 international destinations;

TI Mobile data (1GB);

1 Email account (with 3GB of storage and 5 aliases);

It Includes CallCatcher, IdentiCall, WaitingCall and CallAnswer;

Free WiFi enabled modem and installation on 24-month contract.

  • Smart Broadband Wireless 5GB

10GB Anytime data;

10GB Night Surfer data (Midnight – 7am);

Subscribers need to link a secondary mobile device to their plan via their My Telkom Mobile account;

LTE/LTE-A WiFi Router included (With Contract);

Free SIM & Connection (available with a device only);

Free Unlimited WiFi bundle (10GB FUP);

Available on Telkom 2300MHz LTE/LTE-A network.

How to View Telkom Plans

If you design know all Telkom cellphone deals as well as Telkom mobile data deals without having to contact phone, you can check directly on the company’s website.

At the https secure telkom co za/today address, you can check all the packages with the prices and the amount of data available.

You can also take your doubts without even leaving the house.