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How To Search For Houses For Rent In South Africa

    Many people need to rent a house in South Africa and find it difficult to do so, so today this article will bring the tutorial and some good options on how to do it, either on the internet or through a company.

    For example, if a person prefers to rent a house over the internet, there are many good sites for them to be able to find the perfect house, which is exactly how they want it, or also look for a fixed price, just like the Property24 website.

    But if you have the option to go to a company and ask someone to do this work, there is also that option, as the Real Estate Assist can show.


    How To Look For Houses To Rent?

    The possibilities for those who need to rent a house in South Africa are enormous. For example, there is the option of looking for houses on the internet, walking through the neighborhood that the person wants or even going to a company that specializes in this.

    So it all depends on what the person prefers to do. Throughout this article there is the option to do this in person and also the option to do it over the internet. Just choose the one you prefer.

    Websites To Look For Houses

    Generally people prefer the speed and agility of doing things over the internet than doing it in person and looking for houses to rent would be no different.

    Some great options for looking for homes to rent in South Africa online are:

    • Privateproperty
    • Remax
    • Property24
    • Pamgolding
    • Myroof
    • Rentuncle
    • Seeff

    Real Estate In South Africa

    Some people prefer to personally look for a house to rent, which is why there are companies that specialize in this. So if the reader is a person who doesn’t like to look for homes online, this is a great option.

    Some famous options in South Africa are:

    • Real Estate Assist
    • Property24
    • South Africa Luxury Real Estate
    • Century21

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Rent Houses?

    There are many reasons why a person needs to rent a house. For example, she may have moved to a country or city and even found a new job far from her old home.

    Another reason is tourism, since depending on how long a person decides to stay in the country, a hotel can be quite expensive.

    How Much Cash Is It To Rent A House In South Africa?

    The options for home prices in the country may vary according to the area that the person chooses. The national average rental in the country in 2020 was R7 786 but in the North West and Western Cape this price may be higher, for example.

    How To Rent A House In South Africa?

    First of all, it is important to know that some steps will be necessary before renting a house. Like for example:

    • Ask for a Lease Agreement in Writing
    • Inspect the property before moving in
    • Go to the Rental Housing Tribunal to Resolve Disputes
    • Pay a deposit

    What Is The Documentation Needed To Rent A House?

    1. Identity
    2. Address proof
    3. Copy of the tenant’s address
    4. Parents/local guardians’ contact details if under 18 years

    Can I Claim An Abandoned House In South Africa?

    Yes, you may. All depends if you are able to make direct contact with the owner of the house. Then there’s a chance that the person accepts an offer for a sale. For example, the possibility is greater if the person offers to pay the old taxes.