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How Can I Check My ID Number: See 3 Ways To Do The Process

    Many services before could only be performed in person or through manual consultations. Today, the Internet provides several means of the most varied mechanisms that assist people find what they want.

    One of the processes that the internet assists today is the consultation of document numbers. In the past, it often happened that when someone lost their ID card, if they didn’t have the number memorized, they wouldn’t be able to perform many day-to-day procedures in which the first requirement is the number or the information it contains.

    Today, however, it is possible to search for this information through some mechanisms that the Internet and other means of communication make available to citizens.

    For this reason, the topics of this informative article will be dedicated to presenting means by which it is possible to make different consultations and checks in relation to the identity number. The possibilities can be found online, by phone call or in person.

    The next few lines will deal with the steps that need to be taken in each of these modalities.

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    How To Check My ID Number Online

    The South African ID number is a 13-digit number that follows a standard format:

    [YYMMDD] [GGGG] [C] [A] [Z]
    [YYMMDD] – date of birth
    [GGGG] – gender. 0000-4999 for female and 5000-9999 for male.
    [C] – citizenship. 0 for South African citizen and 1 for permanent resident
    [A] – can be any number
    [Z] – check digit validated by an algorithm

    With this information in mind, the first way to make inquiries regarding the identity number is online, via the Internet.

    But before proceeding with this way, it is important to remember that the first and most accessible possibility to find the ID number is to search for those that have expired. It is somewhat obvious, but as many citizens should know, ID cards expire every so often. Therefore, to search for these expired cards.

    Continuing with this topic, one of the first tips on what to do to find the ID number is to access some websites where you have a record. Examples are government sites, online shopping platforms, subscription platforms, among others.

    The second tip is a list of some websites that do the job of looking up some information about the ID number, such as checking validity and other information, for example:

    • Check ID SA

    This first site is dedicated to the validation of an identity number. The platform gives the user, after entering the identity number, a series of information, such as citizenship status, and allows to recognize whether the number is valid or not.

    How To Check My ID Number By Phone

    There is a website, VerifyID, that provides information on how to do the ID number verification process. There users can find instructions on how to do the verification by phone via text message (SMS).

    Send a text message to 38021 with the 13 digits of the ID number and the IDNO password: IDNO XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX;

    After a few moments, an SMS will be sent directly with the ID information: validity, first and last names, gender, date of birth, and citizenship.

    It is also possible to make a phone call to the municipal or government agency that is dedicated to issuing ID cards to South African citizens and to ask questions about information related to personal registration.

    How Can I Verify My Identification Number In Person

    In any region of the country, the place for citizens to personally check their identity number and other information related to citizenship is at the Department of Home Affairs office or South African mission or consulate abroad.

    Another way to see the ID number personally is to seek information from the personnel department of the company where you work or the college or university where you study.

    In other words, wherever it was necessary to register or register with personal data, it is possible to search for the identity number.


    In conclusion, the ID number verification process is an accessible procedure, as this is one of the most important documents in a citizen’s life in different places in the world.

    The means available, as presented in the topics of this article, are through specialized websites, text messages from mobile phones, and in person at the Home Affairs office in each region of the country (South Africa).

    This article is for informational purposes only, that is, we have no link with the company that offers the service that, by chance, may be mentioned in the course of the article. We do not exempt the search for information on the official web site of the agency that provides the services.