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How To Apply For Sassa

    Those living in South Africa may have heard of SASSA, also known as the South African Social Security Agency, established in 2005.

    This agency, in conjunction with the Department of Social Development, distributes social grants to the neediest African citizens.

    Thus, this article will bring various information about the benefit, the ways to apply for it, the requirements and documents needed, and the application for the SASSA card.

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    How To Apply For Sassa Onlin

    Before you can apply for the donations that SASSA makes available, you need to tap register an account. To do this online, the steps below must be followed:

    Step 1: access the official SASAS services website via your preferred web browser;
    Step 2: just after the header on the home page, tap on “Register”;

    Step 3: complete the fields with the requested personal data and tap save;

    Step 4: complete the next fields with email and phone number;
    Step 5: provide a password for using your SASSA account
    Once you have registered with a SASSA account online, you can log into it and apply for grants:

    Step 1: on the same site, on the home page, on the left menu, tap on Apply for a grant and then on the desired benefit;

    Step 2: the system will ask you for the email and password you provided during the registration process. After entering, it is necessary to have the necessary documents at hand (which will be described soon below, in this same article) and complete with the necessary data.

    How To Apply For Sassa Via Cell Phone

    There is one type of benefit that SASSA also provides, which is the R350 Social Relief Grant (SRD Grant), held for South African citizens who do not have sufficient resources and do not receive the UIF payment. To apply through a cell phone, there are two ways explained in the topics below.

    How To Apply For Less Than R400 Grant On Whatsapp

    1. Send a message on WhatsApp to 082 046 8553, saying “hello”;
    2. a message will be sent and you should reply “help”;
    3. from the options provided, type 4;
    4. the next step is to be taken to the Unathi Sassa platform, and answer “SRD” to it;
    5. confirm if you are applying for yourself or for someone else;
    6. send first name, last name and ID number in the message;
    7. then a message in Whatsapp will be sent informing you of the next steps.

    How To Apply For R350 Unemployment Fund Via SMS

    1. Go to the official SASSA page;
    2. scroll down to the “apply for SRD Grant” section and tap the button;
    3. Insert the phone number and tap “send sms”;
    4. Put the code that was sent to the phone;
    5. then you need to confirm the application and follow the steps that the site will guide you through.

    Requirements To Apply For The Sassa Subsidy

    Depending on the category chosen, the requirements to apply for the benefit are different, but with 2 points in common: to be a South African citizen and to reside in South Africa. To discover more information, you need to go to the official SASSA website, log in, and when you apply for the benefit, the requirements will be shown.

    Documents Needed To Apply For The Sassa Subsidy

    Depending on the category chosen, the documents required also vary from benefit to benefit. But, in general, they are those documents that are indispensable in a citizen’s life.

    How To Cancel My Sassa Subscription

    1. Access the SASSA website
    2. Search for the option “Cancel My Application”
    3. tap on the yellow bar that says “tap Here To Cancel Online
    4. Enter the ID number
    5. Enter the phone number
    6. tap on the “Send Pin” button
    7. You’ll receive an SMS with an OTP number
    8. Enter the OTP number that was sent as SMS
    9. tap “Verify Pin” button
    10. tap on “Cancel My Grant

    How To Establish My Canceled Sassa Subscription

    Those who wish to reapply for the benefit after it has been canceled must follow the same process as for the first application, explained in topic 2 of this article.

    Conclusion – FAQ

    How Long Does It Take To Apply For Sassa?

    The payment time after the application has been approved is up to 7 days. However, SASSA emphasized that there is no set payment date for the granting of the benefit. There is a way to check the status of the application on the official website.

    This article is for informational purposes only, that is, we have no link with the company that offers the service that, by chance, may be mentioned in the course of the article. We do not exempt the search for information on the official website of the agency that provides the services.