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How To Check Fines On Vehicle

    Nowadays it is common to hear people asking themselves “how to pay my fines?” or even “where can I see my traffic fines?”. Well, this problem can be quickly solved with the help of this article, since it was created to solve this kind of situation and still inform people of good ways to do this and information such as payment or even search to see if any vehicle really has any fines.

    Sounds like a good article, doesn’t it? That is why it is important to keep reading until the end to understand everything about this important subject.

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    How To Check Fines On Vehicle

    The government in South Africa has set up importants departments like the Road Traffic Infringement Agency or the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offence, that way they can manage the laws and outstanding traffic fines well.

    To search for traffic fines with registration number, all the person has to do is go to aarto website. It really is simple to use, there it is possible to find out even if the fine has not arrived with a notification made through the SAPO.

    This free facility is a great option for those who need to check traffic fines using number plate of South Africa and don’t know how to do it. To understand how it works, just follow a few simple steps.

    • Go to the Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) website
    • Put on the registered mail or create an account
    • Enter the password
    • Select the option of Check traffic fines

    Now just choose the appropriate option

    Check Traffic Fines Using Number Plate South Africa

    To check traffic fines using number plate in South Africa is simple.The Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) website will be able to help the person who needs to do this because anyone can check an infringement using this official website. Just

    • Go to the Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) website
    • Put on the registered mail or create an account
    • Enter the password
    • Select the option of Query my fine

    The necessary information will be available on the page that has opened.

    Search For Traffic Fines With Registration Number

    To search for traffic fines with registration number just go to the site of the Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) and follow the steps that were mentioned earlier, but instead of using the license plate number, just enter the registration number.

    How To Pay My Fines

    Paying a traffic ticket shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Many people ask themselves “can I pay my traffic fine at the post office?” and the answer is yes, you can. Besides this option, there are still others, for example:

    • Pick and Pay stores
    • Internet banking
    • First National Bank
    • Shoprite checkers
    • Engen
    • Quick Shops
    • Lewis
    • Spar
    • Boxer
    • Cashiers or ATMs of ABSA bank
    • South African Post Office

    Pay Fines Online

    To pay fines online it is possible to use a bank of the reader’s preference and through the Internet banking. As mentioned earlier, there are many options for paying your traffic ticket.

    Can You Pay Traffic Fines In Installments?

    Yes, just organise to pay in installments. Just pay with some kind of card and the installment option should appear as an option.

    Can I Pay My Traffic Fine At The Post Office?

    To be able to pay a traffic ticket at the post office just go to the site and bring the fine and a form of payment.

    Can I Claim Vat On Traffic Fines?

    No. According to the SARS explanatory memorandum, all traffic fines are not subject to VAT and if the penalty is not paid for services supplied, it will not attract VAT.

    When Does A Traffic Fine Expire?

    The expiration date of each fine may vary depending on the date the person received the fine, i.e. you will need to do some math. The validity date of each fine is 32 days after the fine was imposed. That is why it is important to know where to pay traffic fines.


    It is important to know if your car has any fines or even how to pay them, so this article explains how to do that and also informs you about related issues that are just as important.

    This article is for information purposes only, that is, it has no link with the company providing
    the service, which perhaps may be mentioned in this article.

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