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How To Check If You Are Registered For UIF Online

    In this informative article, users can learn more information about how to check their UIF registration status online, either through the website that the government provides or in person.

    The UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) is established by law (Unemployment Insurance Law) and provides assistance to workers who are newly unemployed or who are on leave for various reasons: maternity leave, paternity leave, illness, adoption, or benefits to dependents (in the event of the taxpayer’s death).

    The benefit is only offered to workers who have been dismissed without just cause or to those who have resigned. Workers who were fired through their own fault or who quit their jobs are not entitled to the benefit.

    The first way to check if someone is registered for the unemployment insurance fund is to ask the employer, since the company is the one that registers the employee and has access to this information. The other ways to check are listed in the topics below.

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    How To Check If You Are Registered For UIF By Phone

    The UIF has a call center to let employees know the status of their registration. Those who want this information should contact 012 337 1680 or 0800 843 843 during weekdays and working hours.

    Can I Know If I Am Registered In UIF By The App?

    Although there is a UIF app for mobile devices, many users have not recommended its use in app store reviews.

    So before you learn how to view UIF registration through the app, it is important to know how the process works on the website. This process is the actual registration that the user will do to get their benefits, and the steps to accomplish it are as follows:

    Step 1: Go to the uFilling website
    Step 2: on the home page, on the top right hand side, tap on “Register”;

    Step 3: on the next page, accept the UIF terms and conditions of use;
    Step 4: complete the fields with the required information and tap “register”;

    Step 5: after receiving the confirmation message on the chosen contact method, it is necessary to tap on the received link to activate the account;
    Step 6: use the username and temporary password received by email or SMS;
    Step 8: for security reasons, the user will go through a demographic data verification before proceeding to the next steps;
    Step 9: the next page will bring information that must be verified and updated, such as personal data and addresses;

    From here, the user will be directed to do the main registration to receive the benefit.

    If the benefit has already been requested and the registration has already been done, you just have to, on the left side menu, tap on “Registrations”. If it has not yet been requested, the process is as follows:

    a. tap on “Benefit Application and Payments”;
    b. then tap on “Apply for Benefits”;
    c. choose the benefit you want to apply for and tap “Apply” on the button on the lower right corner of the screen;
    d. the next steps are:
    • accept the terms and conditions;
    • complete some information such as “banking details”, “personal details”, “occupation & qualifications” and “work seeker information”.
    • Submit application to the UIF

    How Do I Get My UIF Reference Number

    Citizens can find their reference numbers on their EMP201 forms, issued by employers, or on their tax clearance certificate.

    Another way to have the reference number at hand is through the uifecc labor website. For this, you need to have the Paye Number and do the captcha verification.

    Importance Of Getting My UIF Reference Number

    In order to perform any transaction and make payment to the UIF, you must have a UIF reference number. Employees are registered by their employers and will be given this number shortly thereafter.

    In other words, the reference number is more a necessity for the employer than for the employee. However, it is always necessary to have this number available for consultation.

    Conclusion (Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ)

    How Much Do You Get For UIF In South Africa?

    The Ministry of Finance has increased the maximum remuneration per month for UIF contributions from R17,712 to R14,872.

    Who Qualifies For The UIF?

    All employees who contributed to the UIF can apply if they were laid off, retrenched, their contract expired, or if the company went bankrupt.

    This article is for informational purposes only, that is, we have no link with the company that offers the service that, by chance, may be mentioned in the course of the article. We do not exempt the search for information on the official website of the agency that provides the services.