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How To Check Traffic Fines With Number Plate

    Having traffic tickets in your name is not something that a citizen wants. However, many times it is unavoidable and it is necessary to know what to do to remedy this situation.

    Therefore, this article will provide more information on how to check traffic tickets in South Africa.

    The verification process is done through some private online service providers in conjunction with the government. Because of this, there is more than one option to view and/or pay the outstanding traffic tickets, and this article will show you the options and tutorials to do the process.

    With the advance of the Internet, virtual means of carrying out processes that used to be only virtual have also emerged.

    This is the case with the process of paying traffic fines in South Africa, where we will show you how to consult these pending issues at payCity, ViewFines, WesBank, and Fines SA.

    Unfortunately, in our research, none of the sites offered the option to query fines by license plate number. Therefore, the solution is to move on to the next topic and see how to check fines by personal identification number.


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    Check Fines With ID Number

    The steps to consult and pay fines will be presented at the following providers


    Step 1: search for the official WesBank website in your preferred web browser;

    Step 2: On the home page, in the top bar, the user should scroll on “personal”, go to the “vehicle finance guide” menu, and tap on “Why WesBank”;

    Step 3: on the next page, lower the scroll bar and tap on “check & pay fines – learn more”;

    Step 4: on this page, the user must register by completing the requested data, including his/her ID number.


    Step 1: visit the official ViewFines website;

    Step 3: already on the home page, on the upper right side, tap on “Login or Register;

    Step 4: on the next page, tap the option “Don’t have an account yet? Get Started”;

    Step 5: the last steps are to register completely, including the ID number, and then verify the account via email.

    Fines SA

    Step 1: Go to the official Fines SA website;

    Step 2: on the home page, complete the fields with the requested information, including the ID number;

    Step 3: tap on SUBMIT.

    The site will send an email with a report of the outstanding fines within the next 24-48 months. For this, you should always check your inbox.

    How To See Traffic Fines By Name

    One way to look up outstanding traffic fines by name is to register with the service provider payCity. To do this the user must:
    Step one: access the official payCity website using your preferred web browser;

    Step Two: On the home page, in the top menu, tap on the orange “register” button;

    Step Three: complete the fields such as first and last name, email and password, and accept the terms and conditions of the service;

    After registering and confirming the registration, the user must log in, tap on the “traffic fines” option, and on the next page, to finish, add a Registration Number Certificate.

    How To Check Traffic Fines On FNB App

    Another way to look up traffic tickets is through the FNB (First National Bank) app. To do so, the individual must:
    1. download and install the FNB app from the Google Play or App Store
    2. log in directly or register;
    3. on the next screen, tap on the 3 bars that point to the menu and look for the “nav-igate life” option;
    4. after that, you must tap on the “car” option icon;
    5. then, tap on the “My fines” option;
    The application will show you if there are any outstanding fines and, if so, it will show you the detailed information about them.

    Conclusion – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    How To Pay The Outstanding Traffic Fines?

    All the fine checking services presented in this article also provide payment. That is, elected the service provider, the citizen can make the payment through the platform itself, since the services are integrated.

    This article is for informational purposes only, that is, we have no link with the company that offers the service that, by chance, may be mentioned in the course of the article. We do not exempt the search for information on the official web site of the agency that provides the services.