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How To Get Information On Someone

Today, with the advent of the Internet, much information that was once difficult to obtain can now be found in many spaces, in an accessible way, and with just a few steps.

While this makes it possible for anyone to have access to our information, it also enables people to connect with each other more efficiently.

For example, many people want to find family members they have lost touch with for some time; others want to find a childhood friend they have not seen for a long time. Finally, others simply want to discover more about an employer they want to learn more about or get to know a little more about an influential person.

Whatever the reasons, today it is possible to discover information about a person through various means, especially on the Internet.

Therefore, the topics of this informative article will be dedicated to presenting in general some of the means by which it is possible to look up information about someone, what information can be found, and also whether the search for this data is done anonymously.

In the next lines the user will find the means by which the search for someone’s information can be done.

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How To Get Information On Someone

The first and most efficient way to find information about someone is through the internet. There are several online tools in which you can do a simple search and find various data about the person you want to meet.

First, however, it is necessary to keep in mind that searching for people’s information in an unrestrained way is not legal, in terms of the law, and can also be unsafe for the person carrying out this search. Therefore, it is important to think well before starting the search (and that it be an honest search) and be careful with unsafe sites, accessing only the most reliable ones.

Listed below are some sites where you can reliably get information from someone, and a short tutorial on how to perform this search on each of them.

1. Google

Yes, the first tool in which one can find information about someone is Google itself.
To find specific information about a person with their full name in hand, for example, you can put it in quotes and the results will be pages on which that name appears. There you can then view data about the person.

Source: Screenshot From Google Website

2. Social Media

The second way in which it is possible to find specific information about a person is through his or her social networks. Each user’s profile usually contains a lot of information available in their “biography”, such as age, means of contact, and photos from which it is possible to extract a lot of valuable information. The main networks are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, among others.

3. Specialized information search sites

Another way to find someone’s data is through search engines that specialize in this process. Here the user can enter information such as full name, phone number or photos and the tool will search according to this data. An example of such a site is Whitepages.

Source: Screenshot From WhitePages Website

What Data About A Person Can I Consult On The Internet?
Since nowadays the internet contains all kinds of information, there is a lot of data that can be found about someone on the internet, for example:
• Name
• contact information (phone, email, etc)
• Relatives
• Social networks
• Date of birth
• Address
• Work and study locations
• Marital status

Is My Query For Someone’s Information Anonymous?

The search for someone’s information is not always anonymous. Some sites require prior registration before the user can do a simple or more detailed search. Other sites, for example social networks such as LinkedIn, allow the profile owner to see who has accessed his page in the last few months.

In addition, it is important to check that the sites from which you seek information are really trustworthy. Some of them may damage the device you are searching for, and they may also use the information you enter when searching in bad faith.


In conclusion, searching for a person’s information is entirely possible thanks to the Internet. Some sites, as seen, even Google itself, are enabled tools for this process. Social networks are also means by which it is possible to find information in an accessible way.

Finally, the search for data is not always anonymous, so it is important to be careful when accessing sites.

This article is for informational purposes only, that is, we have no link with the company that offers the service that, by chance, may be mentioned in the course of the article. We do not exempt the search for information on the official website of the agency that provides the services.