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Find Out How to Get and Renew SASSA Card

Beneficiaries of the South Africa Social Security Agency receive monthly pensions when they fall into some kind of benefit. People should withdraw this money through the SASSA Card.

However, since December 2018, people have had to change cards.

Therefore, those who did not exchange the white card for the gold card, stayed without receiving the pension for January.

This new card presented some advantages to consumers, as it is now an EMV Card.

If you want to get more information about SASSA new cards, how to get one and how to renew it, we prepared this article to get all your doubts.

Follow below:

What do I Need to Get a New SASSA Card?

To Obtain the SASSA new cards 2019, it is necessary that you be enrolled in the agency, being beneficiary of some program.

If you already own the old card, just head to a post office or a SASSA post.

However, if you are not yet enrolled, you need to enter the program with the required documentation, according to the program you want to integrate.

The inscription can only be made in person, in an agency of SASSA, with its documents in hand.

In Addition, you must complete a form of the pension you wish to obtain.

How to Renew Your SASSA Card

As reported by SASSA since 2018, the people who held the white card needed to make the exchange for the gold card.

The old version of the card expired on December 30 and those who did not make the exchange did not receive the pension for the month of January.

According to data collected by the agency, until December 2018, 600,000 beneficiaries did not exchange the card.

To obtain the SASSA card renewal 2019 is very simple. To do so, simply address any post office and submit an original identity document.

In a few minutes, you will have the new card.

In Addition, you can also request the new card from the SASSA branches, which are scattered throughout the country.

However, those who cannot address an agency or the courier can use special arrangements.

For this, it is sufficient that the beneficiary or his/her guardian calls the number 0800 60 10 11 to schedule a home visit.

What Documents do I Need to Renew My SASSA Card?

You might notice that SASSA card renewal is a very simple and fast process.

To do this, you should address a service desk responsible for issuing your documents at hand.

That way, you’ll get a new card in a few minutes.

See below for the list of required documents you should present to renew your SASSA Card:

  • Your original 13 digit green bar coded identity document;
  • Letter of award from SASSA (if you are in possession of 7777 ID number);
  • The original birth certificate of the child/children.

Where to Get New SASSA Card?

To perform the renewal of the SASSA card, you have three options for available locations.

The first one, it’s in the mail agencies.

There, the attendant will be responsible for checking your documents and issuing a new card instantly.

The second option is to address a SASSA office. The procedure in this location is the same.

Therefore, simply submit the identification documentation and request the issuance of the new card.

However, if you have locomotion problems or if you cannot address one of these locations, you can schedule home care.

This way, an attendant will go to your address and you can issue the new card, according to SASSA new cards 2019 dates.