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Check the SARS Tax Table

A tax table is a spreadsheet that informs the contribution value relative to the income tax proportional to the salary of each citizen.

Thus, tax tables concern citizens who pay their contributions based on their income.

In South Africa, SARS tax tables are used as income tax is subordinated to this governmental body.

Annually the table is corrected with the new percentages proposed by the Government based on the inflation and income of citizens.

For more information on the subject, such as tax deduction tables and PAYE tables, continue reading below:

What is Tax Table?

As mentioned above, a tax table is a graph that the SARS uses to regulate the value of each citizen’s contribution.

In South Africa, all workers must pay their taxes, which must be proportional to their incomes.

Therefore, if we consider the tax tables 2018, we can see that the deduction values are lower than the following year, since the adjustments serve to correct the value and not to devalue the payment over the years.

Consequently, SARS tax tables 2018 will be higher than tax tables 2017, and SARS tax tables 2017 will be higher than the 2016 tax tables, and so on.

The fact is that the tax table is in place for all South African nationals working in the country.

Taxation in South Africa

In South Africa, Taxation may involves payments to a minimum of two different levels of government: the central government through SARS or to local government.

However, up to 2001, the taxing of income tax in the country was based on origin, so that it was taxed in the country of origin.

From this date, this system was changed so that it became based on the residency status of each contributor.

Thus, all residents of South Africa, whether natural or not, are subjected to taxation regardless of their origins.

The tax payment also extends to non-residents, however, only the domestic tax.

This is an important collection channel, since the main source of revenue from the central government comes from income tax; value added tax – VAT, and corporate tax.

Local government revenues originate from donations from central government funds and municipal taxes.

How does Monthly Tax Tables 2019 Works?

According to the monthly deduction worksheets, there are some factors that will influence the percentage to be paid.

These monthly deduction factors are: remuneration, annual equivalent and age-less than 65, minus 74 and above 75.

The higher the taxpayer’s age, the lower the tax rate.

You can check out the full SARS tax tables 2019 on the SARS website, with all the values as well as the tables of previous years.

Thus, you can check SARS monthly tax tables 2017, 2018 and other years.

SARS Tax Rates

For you to have access to the SARS tax table, we prepare this guide by helping you identify the tax portion that should be deducted from your salary.

To check, follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the website www sars gov za/;
  • In the black top menu, click on the Tax Rates tab;
  • Then choose one of the tax-related options you want to access: Income Tax; Employers Transfer Duty; Turnover Tax; Other Taxes;
  • On the next page you will find a section that you can find a list of income tax rates for the past five years and click on the option you want to view;
  • You’ll have access to a page with the appropriate tax percentages so you can check it out.