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Google: Find My Phone

If you lost your phone or got stolen there is a chance to find it or at least know its last known position, that can be really useful. You can find the phone using a free service on Google know as Google find my phone.

These days it is very common to find services that will assist you to find a mobile phone by its number or IMEI.

On the application store of your phone you will find plenty of apps that will easily do the job or if you prefer to not download anything and search for it online, the internet is full of websites specialized in finding phones and they will offer you a free or paid service that you might find the phone location by number, or find the phone by IMEI number if you already have it written down.

And let us say you already did a search on Google to find the coordinates of for example your Samsung phone and now you want to have a visual representation of those coordinates.

You can paste them in Google and click on the Maps section, meaning that you can basically find a phone using Google Maps.

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Google: Find My Phone

Google: Find My Phone

One of the easiest ways to find a lost or stolen phone is by searching for your mobile phone number. But how can it be done?

There are plenty of companies that will find your mobile phone for free using just a phone number.

The first step you need to take is to find a website or an app that provides this kind of service, then all you need to do is enter the number associated with the SIM card inserted in your lost mobile phone and the service provider will triangulate the position and will give you the approximate coordinate. After that, just go to Google Maps and paste the coordinate to get the visual location of your phone.

Be advised that some websites and apps work as a scam and will only get your information. Search carefully and be picky. Also, there are reviews of other users that already used the website and it will assist you to choose the best one.

How To Find My Phone Free Google?

Searching for an app or even a website to find your mobile phone on Google is a good idea, owing to the fact that you might find tons of free options.

How To Find My Phone By Gmail?

To find a phone using your Gmail account, do the steps below:

  • Go to the Google webpage and then do the login using your Gmail account and password.
  • Search for the Find Your Phone section and click on it.
  • A list of all your devices associated with your Gmail account will be shown. Select the one that you need to find.

On the next page, there will be a map with the last known position of your mobile phone along with many other information about it and if you think that you won’t recover, there is an option to delete all of the data you have on it.

How To Find My Phone By Google Maps?

To find your mobile phone by Google Maps, you have to know its coordinates first. To do it, go to the Google website and do a search for a website that can give you the coordinates using your IMEI or your phone number. After you get it, go to Google Maps and paste the coordinates that will be translated into a visual position of your mobile phone.

Google: Find My Phone App Android

On Play Store you can find a decent quantity of apps that will assist you in finding your mobile phone.

There is the option of free apps or the most complex paid ones. Choose the one that suits you most, download and install it. You can also enter the review section to find what other users think about a specific app and this way, get help to make a decision. After you have installed it you can start searching for you mobile phone using the IMEI or phone number.