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How To Recover My Gmail Password?

In this article, we will explain you how to recover my Gmail password. If you have you forgotten your Gmail password you can recover it in some ways that requires a previous set up.

We will teach you how to recover your Gmail email account password, for example, using your mobile phone or also without a password, if you do not remember it.

Or maybe, you just want to change it for security reasons, because all email providers, including Google, state that it is always good to change it every two months. The process is basically the same, although it is quite easier if you do remember it.

After doing the login to your Gmail account, go to “Settings” and choose the option “Change password”. Type your new password, confirm it on the box below and click on the “Save” button. And that is it, your password has been changed.

Even though, if you are having trouble recovering the password or you have no information at all, for instance, an old password, your mobile phone number, or if you do not remember the answers of the security questions, you can always get help from the Gmail Help Center.

They will assist you in recovering your password confirming some information.

How To Recover My Gmail Password?

How To Recover My Gmail Password?

To recover your Gmail password go to the Gmail login page and click on the “Forgot my password” button. On the next screen, your Gmail address will be requested, enter it and click on “Next”.

Google will ask for one of your passwords that you remember, in other words, a password that you had used normally to do the login to your Gmail account, and if one of them is right, you will be able to register a new one.

Type the new password on the first box, confirm it on the second one and click on the button “Complete”. This process is quick and simple, but to use this method you must have changed your Gmail password at least once.

How To Recover My Gmail Password With Phone Number?

Another way to recover your password is using your mobile phone as a kind of approver in order to get into your Gmail preferences. Google will send you a notification to your registered mobile phone and will also show you a security number.

On your phone screen you will be asked if you are trying to access your Gmail account and then will ask you to choose the correct security number, the one that is displayed on your computer screen. Click on “Yes” to confirm that it is you that are trying to access your Gmail account and choose the correct security number.

You will get into the Gmail preferences screen and will find the option “Change password”. Type a new one and then confirm it on the second box. Remembering that it is a good idea to choose a password with at least 8 digits, a capital letter and a number, making it harder to be hacked.

How To Recover My Gmail Account Without A Password?

If you do not remember your password there is a way to recover it, using your cellphone or a password that is already in your account’s password history. So, the process is not complicated and you must follow some steps provided by Google.

Go to the Gmail login page and type your email or phone number and click on the button “Next”. On the next page, click on “Forgot my password”. You will be led to another one that will ask if you want to recover it using your mobile phone or typing an old password.

If you choose the first case, a confirmation notification will be sent to your phone and after approving it, you will be guided to the page in which you can choose a new password.

In case you choose the second option, Gmail will ask you for an old password and will also require you to answer some previously registered questions(The ones that you answered when you created your Gmail account).