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How To Track My Lost Mobile With IMEI Number In South Africa?

Have you ever been robbed or lost your mobile phone and want to know how to track your lost mobile with IMEI number?

Every mobile phone has its own IMEI, which is the identification number of each device. And it can help you to track lost mobile phones.

But what does IMEI mean? It is an abbreviation that derives from the International Mobile Equipment Identity and is the identity of the mobile phone. Composed of a 15-digit numerical sequence, the IMEI allows the identification of the device, whether mobile or tablet and is unique for each element.

Different from the IMSI number abbreviation that derives from the International Mobile Subscriber Identity, the IMEI is the identity of your mobile device connected to the telephone network, while IMSI is linked only to the SIM card.

As already mentioned before, the IMEI number is very important because with this we can also make our mobile phone unusable in case it has been stolen.

For example, to make the report of theft in the nearest police station and in addition to providing the characteristics of the mobile phone and an identity document, you must also provide the IMEI number.

So, to check the IMEI, look for it on the box of your mobile phone or just using the sequence *#06# in the dial screen. The sequence can be used only in your phone so do it before you have lost it.

Another way to find the IMEI is going to your phone settings, then selecting “About” and the number will be written under the “IMEI” option. Although some mobile phones have the IMEI number printed along with other information about it on its back side, usually on a sticker, or also printed on the SIM tray.

How To Track My Lost Mobile With IMEI Number In South Africa?
How To Track My Lost Mobile With IMEI Number In South Africa?

How To Track Lost Mobile With IMEI Number In South Africa?

To track a lost mobile phone with IMEI number in South Africa you will have to follow the exact same steps as if you wanted to track a mobile phone in the rest of the world. We will discuss the many possibilities as you keep reading.

How To IMEI Check

As mentioned before, the IMEI can be found in many places, for example: Under the cell phone battery, on the package that contained the device, printed on the SIM card tray.

Another alternative is to type the sequence *#06# on the mobile phone dial screen and hit the dial button to view the IMEI at any time.

How To Track Lost Mobile Phone With IMEI Number?

So, to track a lost mobile phone using its IMEI number, in case you use an Android device:

Find my Device is an app created to help you find your cell phone in case of theft or loss. To work, the remote location must have been activated on the device to be found and GPS must also be active.

To locate the lost mobile phone, you will have to go to the Android device management website and login by entering your Google account username and password associated with the device to be controlled and then pressing the Login button. You will then see a screen with a geographic map, seeing in real time the movements of the desired mobile phone.

If you use an iPhone follow the steps below

Find my iPhone: This application also has the purpose of finding a mobile phone in case of theft or loss, having the iCloud account connected to the device to be monitored, the app can also be used to locate someone else’s mobile phone. In this case, you need to have activated the remote location and GPS.

After configuring all the necessary settings, you will need to go to the iCloud website and log in with the email and password of the Apple ID that you already connected to the mobile phone. Then you will be able to see the geographic map in real time with the position of the desired cell phone.

How To Track My Lost Android Mobile With IMEI Number?

To find an Android mobile phone by IMEI number you just need to go to one of the several websites that provides that type of service and enter the IMEI of your lost Android phone. It will show you the last known location of your phone. You can also go to Play Store and download an app that does exactly the same procedure.

Also, many mobile phone companies, for example Samsung or Huawei, have their own website to track your lost phone. Go to your mobile phone company website and do the login using your previously registered credentials, and on the home screen of your account you will find many pieces of information about your Android mobile phone, along with its location.

How To Track Lost Mobile With IMEI Number On Pc?

To track a lost mobile with IMEI number on pc, do a quick research on Google and find a good website that provides the service of search mobile phones with IMEI. It depends on the website, but on most of them, you just need to type the IMEI and a geographic map will be shown and also the last known location of your mobile phone.