How Long Is Maternity Leave In South Africa

If you are a professional expecting a child, it is important to be aware of your rights and know how long is maternity leave in South Africa.

In this article, we will bring information about such rights and answer questions like how many months is maternity leave, do you get paid for maternity leave, dismissal after maternity leave and more.

Keep reading and find out how long is maternity leave in South Africa and other information about your rights!

It is necessary to plan for the duration of maternity leave in South Africa (source:

How Long Is Maternity Leave In South Africa?

According to South African law, any pregnant employee is entitled to 4 consecutive months of maternity leave, that is, four months which follow one another in uninterrupted succession.

This period of leave may be voluntarily shortened by the pregnant employee, so long as they do not resume working in less than six weeks after the delivery date.

If an employee has a miscarriage during the third trimester of pregnancy or bears a stillborn child, they are entitled to six weeks of maternity leave after the miscarriage or stillbirth, independently of if the employee had already effectively started maternity leave or not.

Does Maternity Leave Include Public Holidays South Africa?

Yes, since the leave period is of up to 4 successive months, maternity leave includes public holidays in South Africa.

When Do You Go On Maternity Leave?

Maternity leave may begin at least a month (four weeks) before the expected date of childbirth. This is to ensure no pregnancy complications arrive due to work obligations that may cause strain or stress on the pregnant employee.

In specific occasions, maternity leave may begin before the last four weeks of pregnancy. This usually happens when the pregnant employee’s medical condition does not allow them to work or makes them vulnerable to developing complications.

Maternity Leave On Private Sector

Maternity leave on the private sector is the same as in the public sector. The difference is that the employer is free to strike a deal with the employee and keep paying them instead of having them rely on a pay cut by having to claim benefits.

Do You Get Paid For Maternity Leave?

According to South African law, maternity leave is unpaid in South Africa. Instead, the employee going on maternity leave is able to claim benefits from the Maternity Benefit Fund through the Department of Employment and labour if they so wish.

The condition to claim benefits is that the employee must have been contributing regularly to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). If so, the employee is eligible for a benefit that varies from 38% up to 60% of their remuneration at work, and the exact percentage depends on their level of income.

Benefits from the Maternity Benefit Fund are paid for up to 121 days, a bit over 17 weeks.

Maternity Leave Application

All that is necessary for an employee to apply for maternity leave is to give notice in writing to their employer about the date when they intend to begin maternity leave and the date when they will return to the job.

Maternity Leave Application Form

There is no need for a maternity leave application form. So long as the employer is notified in writing of when the employee intends to go on maternity leave of absence, there is no official form necessary to communicate it.

However, any employee that wishes to claim benefits from the UIF need to fill the following forms: UI-19, UI 2.7, UI 2.8 and UI 2.9, which can all be found in the website of the Department of Employment and labour.

The applicants must visit any Labour Centre in the country and submit the filled forms along with copies of the Identity Document of the applicant, a birth certificate of the child if they are already born and the details of a valid bank account. Only then can they claim benefits.

Who Qualifies For Maternity Leave?

Any employee who is pregnant qualifies for maternity leave if they fulfill the necessary requisites to go on leave. Those requisites are either entering the last month of pregnancy, miscarrying or delivering a stillborn child.

Dismissal After Maternity Leave

According to the labour Relations Act, employees are protected from dismissals during their maternity leave. After returning, they are also entitled to return to the same position they occupied before their leave.

Resigning After Maternity Leave South Africa

Any employee is allowed to resign after maternity leave in South Africa, just as they would at any time. All that is necessary is to put in their resignation notice in writing at the workplace.

Provided that the employee works their full notice period after the end of their maternity leave, no additional compensation or penalty is afforded to them if they choose to resign this way.

What Is The Minimum Wage For Domestic Workers

When you hire someone to work at your home, it is common to want to know about the minimum wage for domestic workers.

Knowing about this and other matters is important so you respect your employee’s rights and make their working environment and conditions favorable and welcoming.

In turn, you should benefit from content workers who are more loyal and inspired to do a good job for you.

To reach this objective, in this article we will tell you all about labour law for domestic workers. You will also find out what you need to know to avoid accidentally violating labour law for domestic workers.

If you’re asking yourself questions such as “how much must i pay my domestic worker”, keep reading and learn all there is to know about the minimum wage for domestic workers and other related matters!

Example of domestic worker duty (source bbplaw)

Before 2022, the exact value of the minimum wage for domestic workers varied depending on two factors: the first was how many ordinary hours they worked per week at your home and the second was the area where the work took place.

From 1 March 2022 onwards, however, the Department of Employment and labour has instated a national minimum wage for domestic workers in South Africa. This is an important move for the sector, since now the minimum wage for the workers is in line with the national minimum wage for other sectors.

As of 2022, the minimum rate for domestic work is R23.19 South African Rand for each ordinary hour worked. This means a person working 160 hours per month – 8 hours a day, 20 days a month – will then be entitled to R3,170 per month. It also means that the daily rate for domestic workers is R185,52.

It should be noted that the minimum wage value does not include payment of tips, bonuses, gifts or benefits to cover the costs of transportation, food, tools or accommodations. No value for payments in kind, such as board, food or lodging counts towards the minimum wage either.

Is A Domestic Worker Without A Contract Legalized?

No. According to South African labour law for domestic workers (and any other worker), any and all employees are entitled to a written contract.

Specific to domestic workers, The Basic Conditions of Employment Act and Sectoral Determination Seven for Domestic Workers require that all employees are appointed according to terms agreed upon a written contract valid under the law.

It doesn’t matter if the worker is part time or full time or if they are paid daily, weekly or monthly, they must have a contract. The contract must detail when the work is to begin and what are the working hours; what is the remuneration and benefits such as pension or medical aid; and what are the terms for leave and clauses of termination.

All this means that the contract must also delineate the duties, responsibilities and rights of said worker while they remain on the job.

An employment contract should ideally be signed by both employer and employee. If any parte is illiterate, they can sign with a fingerprint, for instance. But even if the contract is not signed by one or both parties, as long as the working relation is established and ongoing, the contract is considered to be valid and in effect.

How To Register A Domestic Worker UIF

Any and all employees who work for you for more than 24 hours per month must be registered with the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). To do this, an employer must register for a UIF reference number. This and employee registration can be done through the following methods:

• By telephone at the number: 012 337 1680.
• By e-mail at the address:
• By mail to the address: The UIF – Pretoria – 0052
• At the nearest Labour Centre, the location of which can be found on the linked website.

After you are done with the registering process and have a reference number, you can link it to as many employers as you wish to hire. You can also use it to access the UIF website to do transactions and follow along any ongoing process.

2% of any employee’s earnings must be paid by the employer to the Department of labout and Employment per month. 1% of this total is discounted from the employee’s salary, but the other 1% is paid for by the employer.

More detailed information about how you can register an employee with the UIF can be found on the website for the Department of Labour and Employment. There you will find out what is the necessary documentation to apply for the register as well as the procedures that must be taken to do it.

In case of termination, employers may claim UIF benefits from the Department of Labour and Employment. Employers must provide them with updated UI-19 and Salary Schedule forms so they may apply for and claim their benefits.

Domestic Worker Rights

Any employee who works for more than 24 hours a month for the same employer is protected by the Labour Relations Act (LRA) and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA). This is true for domestic workers as well.

Part Time Domestic Workers Rights

Part time work is employment for fewer hours per week than full time employment. In South Africa, full time employment means a work week of 45 hours, so any contract for less than that qualifies for part time work.

Part time domestic workers are entitled to a written contract just like any other worker. This applies if they have a fixed employment period, work more than 24 hours a month for the same employer, work only a day on the week, work every weekend or work every day but only during half the work day.

If these conditions are met, the employee is protected by the Labour Relations Act (LRA) and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA). This means that the rights of a part time domestic worker are the same as the ones of a full time worker.

Full Time Domestic Workers Rights

Domestic workers are allowed to work for a maximum of 45 hours a week, with a limit of 9 hours per day if working only 5 days per week or 8 hours per day if working more than 5 days per week.

If this limit is breached, workers are entitled to overtime pay. It is calculated at a rate of 1.5 their normal wage for the period of overtime, or 2.0 times if it is sunday overtime. If workers are made to work during public holidays, they are entitled to an additional day’s pay.

Payment must be made in cash, check or direct deposit into an account chosen by the employee. Payment must be accompanied by a pay slip, which must be kept as copies by the employer for fiscalization purposes.

There are a list of possible deductions to be made from a domestic worker’s salary, which include:

• Sum to be kept for savings or pension funds set up by or in agreement between the employee and the employer;
• Medical insurance;
• Trade union subscription fees;
• Garnishes made under fair and valid reasons;
• Accommodations for live-in employees, as long as the deduction is not over 10% of total wage and the room is in a good repair and weatherproofing condition.

Good conditions for a room include that it has at least one door and window and both can be locked from the inside. The room must also be fitted with bathroom access, or include a shower or bath and a toilet.

There are certain deductions which are illegal and cannot be made under any circumstances. These include:

• Any amount that would be greater than the actual remuneration received;
• Deductions for damages expected during activities, such as ironing, or breakages of appliances or dishes, etc;
• The value of meals provided during working time
• Clothing if the employer demands the use of a uniform or provides clothing to the employees;
• To pay for necessary work equipment.
Employees are entitled to certain leave of absence periods. These include:
• Annual leave of three weeks per year of a day for every 17 days of work;
• Part time domestic worker’s leave can be calculated as 1 hour of annual leave per 17 hours of work;
• Sick leave equal to the amount of days worked during a six-week period. This amount can be used during a three-year cycle;
• Parental leave, which can be a 10 consecutive days unpaid leave for paternity leave or four months unpaid leave for maternity leave;
• Employers may strike deals to pay for a portion of parental leave, including the whole leave of absence period;
• Employees are entitled to claim UIF benefits during parental leave;

Employees are entitled to meal intervals, which are calculated according to the number of hours worked per day.

Finally, domestic workers are also entitled to written employment contracts signed by both parties.

Domestic Worker Retirement Package

There is no legal obligation to pay any sort of retirement package to a domestic worker in South Africa. Legally, retired domestic workers may try to claim UIF benefits from the Department of Labour and Employment.

It is very common, however, that employers make a deal with domestic workers for a certain payment upon retirement.

The value of this payment will be decided jointly by the employer and employee, usually taking into account the value of the minimum wage for domestic workers. It may follow a ratio of one week of pay per year worked or any other criteria. It is advisable to add this kind of deal as a term of the employment contract.

Termination Of Domestic Worker

Termination of a domestic worker can only happen if there is a fair and valid reason for the worker to be let go, according to South African labour law. In this way, it is the same as any other worker class.

Examples of valid and fair reasons are frequently absent employees, or cases when the employee often mishandles their duties or assignments. Domestic workers who act against their employers, harm them or destroy their property may also be let go with valid reason.

Another requisite for termination of a domestic worker is that fair procedure is followed so the employee is not caught unprepared by a sudden dismissal.

If an employer refuses to comply with fair procedure or does not provide a valid and fair reason for the termination, the employee can call upon the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration to look for resolution. This must be done within thirty days from the date of dismissal.

Upon dismissal, all money owed to a domestic worker must be fully paid off. This includes wages, allowances and benefits, paid time off that was not taken, pro rata leave and other values.

Employers that need to dismiss an employee due to change to their economic situation, needs for personnel or other so-called operational requirements are allowed to do so. In this case, however, they are legally obligated to pay severance to any terminated employees, which includes domestic workers.

In all cases, employers are obligated to give notice of termination in writing and in advance. In case of illiterate workers, the notice must be read and explained by the employer.

If the domestic worker has been on the job for up to six weeks, notice of termination must be given a week in advance. Workers with more than six weeks on the job must receive notice four weeks in advance.

In case of live-in employees, they have the right to a one-month notice during which they may stay on the accommodation. This is so that they can find an alternative place to live.

Also, upon termination any employee is entitled to a certificate of service if they so require.

Domestic Worker Termination Letter Example

Below is a basic model for your domestic worker termination letter:


(Name of the terminated employee) (Location, day/month/year)

(Address of the terminated employee)

Dear (Name),

As per our discussion today/(another date), your employment with us/(your name) is terminated effective immediately/(another date).

(Provide a valid and fair reason for the termination: poor performance, absenteeism, etc)

Payment accrued for your vacations will be included in your final paycheck which you will receive on your regular payday, (date). The final paycheck can be picked up in person or, alternatively, it can be mailed to your home or transferred to your bank account, as per your convenience.

We wish you luck in your future ventures.


(Your name)

Please note that this is a sample letter, which should be adapted, expanded or shortened to suit your specific circumstances.

Now that you know all about matters such as the minimum wage for domestic workers and other related questions, keep reading our blog and discover other useful information and tips!

How Many Days Is Paternity Leave In South Africa

If you are expecting a newborn soon, it is useful to know how many days is paternity leave in South Africa so you can plan for the upcoming baby.

In this article, we will tell you all about paternity leave South Africa. We will answer questions such as how long do dads get paternity leave South Africa, how do I apply for paternity leave, is paternity leave required by law and others.

Paternity leave South Africa (source:

How Many Days Is Paternity Leave In South Africa?

There are three types of paternity leave South Africa. The first and most common one is parental leave, or simply paternity leave. It refers to the right of any employee to a period of leave of absence when their child is born.

The second type of paternity leave is adoption leave. It entitles both adoptive parents to leave work when they adopt a child or have one put on their care by the competent authorities. In this case, one parent is entitled to exercising a longer leave of absence period similar to maternity leave, while the other can claim paternity leave.

The third type is commissioning parental leave, or paternity leave for parents who enters into a surrogate motherhood agreement. In this case, the employee may take either parental leave or commissioning parental leave.

According to South Africa labor laws, the answer to the question of how long do dads get for paternity leave South Africa is 10 consecutive days.

Does Paternity Leave Include Public Holidays?

According to the amendments to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) legislation, the 10 days of paternity leave are to be counted as calendar days, not working days. This means that yes, since 1 January 2020 paternity leave does include public holidays.

When Does Paternity Leave Start?

Since there are many categories of parental leave, there are different requisites for when does paternity leave start.

Both paternity leave and commissioning parental leave start on the day the child is born. Adoption leave, on the other hand, starts the day when the adoption order is granted or when the child is put on care by the adoptive parents by a competent court of law pending finalization of the adoption process.

Paternity Leave On Private Sector

According to South African labor law, employees on the private sector are entitled to the same rights of paternity leave as any other employee.

Is Paternity Leave Required By Law?

Different from maternity leave, paternity leave is not required by South African law. It is instead a right any new parent is entitled to, and may be exercised or not by the employee according to their decision.

Is Paternity Leave Paid Or Unpaid?

In South Africa, parents are entitled only to unpaid parental leave. This means paternity leave is unpaid, but employees are free to try to reach an agreement with their employers and ask that a portion of the leave time be paid. This is not mandatory, however.

It is also possible that the terms of a given employment contract entitles the employee to paid parental leave, although that is not a legal obligation of the employer.

For that reason, it is interesting to always make sure to read your contract and know the details well. Is it also worth mentioning any amendment to a valid contract requires consent by the employee.

In any case, employees who qualify according to the terms of the Unemployment Insurance Act may claim benefits that go from 34% to 66% of the employee’s salary. The payment of these benefits will occur while the employee is on leave.

How To Apply For Paternity Leave?

To apply for paternity leave, an employee only has to provide written notice to their employer of when they intend to start their leave of absence period, and when they will return to work.

This notification must be given at least a month in advance from when the employee will start their leave. The exception to this rule is when unforeseen circumstances such as premature birth or interruption in communications infrastructure for remote workers make it impossible for the employee to give advance notice.

Who Qualifies For Paternity Leave

Any employee who is a parent to a child is entitled to apply for paternity leave. This is valid irrespective of gender, and considering there is adoption leave, it means both members of a same-sex couple qualify for paternity leave when they adopt a child.

Now that you know how many days is paternity leave in South Africa and other useful information, keep reading our blog and discover more handy tips!

How Long Does It Take To Get A Passport

If you intend to travel outside of South Africa or return from a long stay abroad, you should know how long does it take to get a passport so you can plan ahead.

Since you need a valid passport to come in or go out of the country, it is important to know all you can about this document so you are not caught unprepared when the date of your trip comes.

The normal wait period for how long does it take to get a passport is 7 to 21 working days from the date of the passport application submission. During this period, the submission will be processed and the passport will be issued.

The first step to apply for a passport in South Africa is to collect and fill in all the documents needed for passport application. Then, it is necessary to submit the application at any competent institution and pay the relevant fee.

Child Passport Application

Child Passport Application

The passport application for a child follows most of the rules of an adult passport application with a few extra requisites and steps. The first difference is that for children who are 15 years old or younger, instead of an identity document, the child must present their birth certificate or have it be presented for them.

Passport Application Online

There is no passport application online process in South Africa. The Department of Home Affairs rules that it must be done in person for security and authentication reasons.

What Do I Need To Apply For A Passport?

The first requisite for how to apply for a passport in South Africa is to have a South African identity document. These must be presented as the original and a copy.

Then, you must present all relevant passport application form(s), as detailed below. Along with them, you must have two colour photographs taken according to the Passport and ID Specifications. This is not necessary if you apply at smartcard offices, where the pictures are taken digitally and your fingerprints are recorded.

In case you already have another tourist passport, it must be presented as well.

Then, the last step for passport application is to pay the issuing fee.

South African Passport Application Form

To apply for a tourist passport, you must fill in a passport application Form DHA-73, available in the Department of Home Affairs website.

If you are submitting for a tourist passport from outside South Africa, you must also fill out a determination of citizenship Form DHA-529.

How To Cancel Passport Application Online?

Since there is no passport application online process in South Africa, there is no option to cancel the procedure online either.

How Much Is A Passport In South Africa?

The issuing of any new passport costs a tariff of 400,00 South African Rand, no matter if it is for an adult or a child.

How To Check Passport Status?

You can check passport status at the Department of Home Affairs website. You can also call the call centre at 0800 60 11 90 if you do not have access to the internet or if the online service is down.

Countries that are visa  for South African passport

According to Henley & Partner’s passport index, there are 104 countries which are visa-free for South African passport holders.

Some of these are Angola, Kenya, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Georgia, Israel, Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

It is advisable to consult how long the maximum stay period without a visa is for each country you plan on visiting.

How Long Are Passports Valid?

There are different rules for how long are passports valid in South Africa. For adults and children who are 16 years old or older, passports only expire after 10 years from the date they were issued.

For children who are 15 years old or younger, however, they expire after 5 years from the issue date.

Passport Renewal Application

South African passports cannot be renewed. Once yours expires, you must apply for a new passport. You may also apply to replace any passport that runs out of blank visa pages before the expiry date.

In case your previous passport was lost or stolen, in addition to all the documents needed for passport application, you must also present a loss of passport report by filling Form DHA-335.

Passport Renewal Application Form

Since there is no passport renewal process in South Africa, there is no distinct passport renewal application form to be filled.

Passport Renewal Application

The passport renewal fee is the same as the new passport issue fee, that is 400 South African Rand.

Now that you know all about how long does it take to get a passport and our other tips, keep reading our blog and always be well-informed!

Sceptre 24 Professional Thin Is Ideal For Your Productivity!

If you are looking for a quality computer monitor to help with your productivity at the office, the Sceptre 24 professional thin is a great candidate for the role.

In this review, we will go over all that makes this LED monitor a good fit for both office environments and a good product for budget gaming. All this without sacrificing image quality, of course!

Keep reading this review and find out all about the Sceptre 24 professional thin!

Product Distinctiveness

The main draw of the Sceptre 24 professional thin is its cost-benefit value. This computer monitor offers good image quality and varied resolution support while still keeping at an affordable price range.

This product has HDMI signal support that can go up to 1920×1080 resolutions at 75Hz refresh rate, all while sporting 1080p image quality!

General Benefits Of The Sceptre 24 Professional Thin

The Sceptre 24 professional thin offers an interesting design. Boasting a 24’’ ultra slim profile, it combines image quality and a contemporary metallic design that helps to create an aesthetically pleasing product all around.

This also makes this product a great fit for office environments, which helps with productivity since it is not a flashy, garish design.

How To Use This Product

It is very simple to start using your Sceptre 24 professional thin monitor. First set it however you wish – mounted on a wall or standing on a desk.

Then you only need to connect it to a power source and use the included HDMI cord to connect it to your computer. The computer monitor will be ready to use.

Who Should Use The Sceptre 24 Professional Thin?

The Sceptre 24 professional thin is recommended for people who are looking for a good LED monitor to improve their productivity on the job or their leisure when gaming.

Considering the cost-benefit ratio, image quality and resolutions supported, this is an interesting item for people who do not want to invest on a high-end monitor but still wish to get a very good quality product.

Special Features Of The Sceptre 24 Professional Thin

  • Has typical power consumption of 25.4W;
  • Comes with 2 HDMI Ports that can be converted to DVI;
  • Equipped with built-in speakers;
  • Mounting type: VESA Hole Pattern 100mm x 100mm compatible with wall mounts.

Customers Opinions

The Sceptre 24 professional thin has a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. Out of more than 17.000 reviews, 77% consider this a 5 star product, and 14% have given it a 4 star rating. Together, this makes for 91% of reviews which consider this a very good or good computer monitor.

Reviewers praise its cost-benefit ratio, often commenting how it offers great value considering size, image quality and price. The longevity and ease of use are also mentioned frequently positively.

Product Warranty

Sceptre offers a one-year limited hardware warranty. The terms cover problems caused by manufacturing defects, but will not cover damages caused by accidents or user error.

These are Sceptre’s international warranty terms. Local consumer protection laws may also apply.

Product Price

The price point for the Sceptre 24 professional thin begins at around US$125.00. Deals like this can only be found on Amazon!

Why Should You Buy On Amazon?

Amazon is a trustworthy company that has a solid reputation on the online sales business. This is also thanks to its customer protection policies.

These policies include the secure transaction clause that guarantees you will receive your item as described in the product page. If there is any difference between what’s on the page and what you got, you can ask for a full refund.

The company also offers great deals and varied shipping options to cover all your needs!

How To Order On Amazon?

Now that you know how the Sceptre 24 professional thin can help with your productivity or gaming, don’t waste time. Click this link to the Amazon product page and buy your own!

Dell Usb 3.0 Ultra HD/4k Triple Display: The Definitive Guide

If you’re considering buying a docking station to increase your productivity, you should know about the Dell USB 3.0 ultra HD/4k triple display.

In this guide, we will explore all about this Dell docking station for 3 monitors. In it, we bring information about its convenience and practicality features, what kinds of devices can be used with it and more.

Keep reading and find out all about the Dell USB 3.0 ultra HD/4k triple display!

Product Distinctiveness

The greatest benefit of using the Dell USB 3.0 ultra HD/4k triple display is how practical and easy it makes to connect different types of device together.

With it you can connect a laptop to a computer monitor and use it like a desktop computer, for example. You can do this for up to 3 devices that are USB-A compatible.

General Benefits Of The Dell Usb 3.0 Ultra HD/4k Triple Display

Another benefit to using the Dell USB 3.0 ultra HD/4k triple display is that you can use the docking station to connect a laptop to a LAN network.

All it takes is connecting the laptop and an ethernet cable to the docking station, then setting up the connection on the computer internet settings.

How To Use This Product

It is very simple to use the Dell USB 3.0 ultra HD/4k triple display. All you have to do is turn it on then attach whatever devices you wish to it. The connection between devices will happen automatically.

Who Should Use The Dell Usb 3.0 Ultra HD/4k Triple Display?

People who have multiple types of device and want to link them together can benefit from using the Dell USB 3.0 ultra HD/4k triple display.

This product is suitable for office workers or people who work from home on their computers. It is also recommended for those who like having a laptop to carry around but also want to use a bigger screen or connect to a LAN network while at home or at work.

Special Features Of The Dell Usb 3.0 Ultra HD/4k Triple Display

Includes a headphone 3.5 millimeter connector
Features 3 super speed USB 3.0 connectors compatible with USB-A
Has 2 HDMI display/video connectors that can be used with the included DVI adapter

Customers Opinions

The Dell USB 3.0 ultra HD/4k triple display has a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. 75% out of more than 7000 global reviews give it 5 stars, while another 13% rate it at 4 stars.

Most reviewers note how easy and practical it is to set up and use, including with adapters for other USB types. The added productivity it affords users is praised on many reviews.

Product Warranty

Dell offers a one-year limited hardware warranty for the Dell USB 3.0 ultra HD/4k triple display. Keep in mind this manufacturer’s warranty covers only defects caused by manufacturing errors!

Product Price

The price point for the Dell USB 3.0 ultra HD/4k triple display begins at around US$140.00. You can find deals like this on Amazon!

Why Should You Buy On Amazon?

Amazon is a company known for its solid reputation, great deals and ample customer protection policies.

These policies include the secure transaction clause that guarantees you will receive your item as described in the product page. If there is any difference between what’s on the page and what you got, you can ask for a full refund!

How To Order On Amazon?

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How To Check My DSTV Account Balance

Those who don’t have a television service yet want to know what exactly it offers, but those who already have it usually need to know how to check dstv balance online.

Many people have heard of the television company called MultiChoice. This is one of the major satellite television services in South Africa.

It is worth mentioning that DStv offers a quality service for those who really enjoy watching television, since in addition to the channels on TV, it also offers television transmission to mobile devices, making life easier for a lot of people. For example, watch TV on laptops, smart phones and notebooks now it is a reality.

So to find out important information about how this service works, for example how to check dstv balance via phone, just keep reading this article until the end.

How To Do A Driving License Application In South Africa?

How To Check Dstv Balance Online

There is a simple and quick way to see the balance, all the client needs is a number to check dstv balance.

Thinking about how important this look is for all customers, the company decided to create several ways to do this, but of course the online way is famous.

On the Website

• On a computer go to the DStv website
• Tap the drop-down
• Select the right country
• Put the smartcard number
• Log in
• See the balance on the main page

How To Check Dstv Balance Via Phone

To make life easier for its customers, DStv has many ways for people to understand what is going on in their account and that is why today the most used methods digitally will be clarified.

To understand how to use them, just follow the step by step described below.

USSD Short Code

• Go to the number dial on the phone
• Dial *206#
• Select one option
• Follow the instructions


• Download the myDSTV on the phone
• Open the app
• Log in
• Enter with one smart card number
• Go to the main page to see DStv balance

How To Pay DSTV

Many clients wonder how to pay dstv online using absa app, and the answer is easy.

To avoid any kind of error when paying a DStv bill, the company created a way for their customers to use the DStv Africa Self Service. this way it is possible to pay not only the person’s own bill, but also help someone else paying theirs.

The person can choose to enter the official website of DStv, or use their app.


• Go to the website
• Log in
• Select the How to pay option
• Choose one option to pay
• Send a message to the Whatsapp number
• Choose Pay bill
All clients can pay their bills on any ATM, all you have to do is input MultiChoice as the beneficiary of the payment.


There is a way to pay a bill in person, and not just online. If someone is looking for that option, here it goes where the DStv can be paid:

• Pick ‘n Pay
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How To Contact Dstv

All clients can call the number +256312245245 or send a Whatsapp message on +25678160091.


In addition to having the service, it’s good to know how it works and also how to see account information or even how to pay the bill for this service, isn’t it?

That’s why several payment options were created, being online or in person and also several ways to understand what is happening in the person’s account in a simple and fast way.

Just choose a way that suits you better and enjoy everything the service has to offer.

This article is for information purposes only, that is, it has no link with the company providing
the service, which perhaps may be mentioned in this article.

Paula Santinati
Jornalista que tenta levar informações que façam os leitores refletirem e terem novas perspectivas sobre diversos assuntos. Criadora do @blogps.

African Bank Balance Check Via Cell Phone

Remote banking has become very widespread over the last few years. With the rise of affordable smartphones, increased mobile internet coverage and cheaper phone plans, it has become very practical to make an African Bank balance check via cell phone.

With remote banking, you can easily check all kinds of account balances and even make a few transactions.

All of this can be done without having to face queues or even leave your house to go to the Bank. And this amounts to more efficient forms to control your finances.

Even if the importance of checking the balance of the African Bank account every so often is clear, not everyone knows how to do it using their phones. After all, there are a few different ways you can do so, be they online or via service numbers.

In this article we will tell you how to check balance on African Bank account using your cellphone. We will show you all the ways you can use to remotely access your Bank account and offer a step-by-step guide to each one of them so you can choose which one fits you well.

Keep reading and discover all about African Bank balance check via cell phone!

Internet Banking

Internet Banking

Internet banking is the simplest way you can use for an African Bank balance check online. With it, you can access your account using only an internet browser on your phone.

The first step, then, is to access the African Bank internet banking website, which you can find by taping on the link.

African Bank online banking main page (source: screen capture)

After accessing the online banking landing page, you will need to tap on the blue “register now” button if it is your first time using online banking at all.

You will then need to follow along and complete the registration process with the required information: your email address, a valid cellphone number and your ID.

When you have finished with the registration, tap on the “log in” button and fill out your username and password chosen during registration. All that is left to do after login is tap on the “check balance option”.

Cellphone Banking

To be able to make an African Bank balance check via cell phone call, you will need to register for cellphone banking first.

You can do so with the assistance of a consultant at any African Bank branch, or you can do it online on the cellphone banking registration website.

To continue the procedure, you will need to dial *120*225# – this is the balance check number African Bank. When you make the call for the first time, you will have to accept the terms before finishing registration. You can actually do the whole registration process over the phone by dialing this number if you prefer.

Then you will need to select the “account balance” option when it is presented to you and follow the instructions given over the phone. When you do so, you will be able to check your balance.

Banking via African Bank Application

To make an African Bank balance check via cell phone using the banking application, you will first need to download and install the app. The first thing to do, then, is to open your phone’s app store and search for “African Bank App”.

Before downloading it, make sure it is the official African Bank application. There are many fake apps that may try to scam you out of your information or money, so beware. The good way to make sure you have the real one is to check for the publisher. It should be the official African Bank profile.

When you are done with downloading and installing the app, you must open it to start the registration process. You will be prompted to inform your ID, a valid cellphone number and an email address.

When you have finished the registration, all you will need to do is log in to the app and select “check balance” from the main menu.

Keep in mind that low-end phones or ones with very outdated Operating Systems may be incompatible with the African Bank app.

If you cannot access the app, check if there are any compatibility issues before trying anything else. This information can be found in the app store page for the application.

In case there are OS compatibility issues, you can try updating your Operating System then reinstalling the banking app. Normally, this procedure should fix the problem and make the banking application start to work normally.

Now that you know all there is to know about African Bank balance check via cell phone, keep reading our blog and be always up to date on many similarly practical tips and tricks!

How To Check Balance On Capitec

Capitec is one of the most well-ranked banks in South Africa, and many citizens have accounts with them. With the increase in remote banking, this makes it useful to know how to check balance on Capitec from the comfort of your home.

In this article we will tell you all about how to check balance on Capitec bank without having to go through the trouble of going to a bank branch or facing queues and long wait times.

We will answer questions like how to check Capitec balance without airtime, how to check bank statement on Capitec app, what is the Capitec number to check balance and more.

Keep reading and discover all you must know about how to check balance on Capitec!

How To Check Capitec Bank Balance Online?

How To Check Capitec Bank Balance Online?

Capitec internet banking login screen (source: screen capture)

If you wish to use a computer for how to check balance on Capitec, you will need to use the internet banking service. This means, of course, that you will need a working internet connection to access the service.

With internet banking you can:

  • View and download statements;
  • Transfer money between accounts;
  • Do payments directly to people or to accounts;
  • Buy electricity for yourself or others;
  • Add beneficiaries to your accounts;
  • Change your daily card limits;
  • Access your transaction and payment history;

Register and maintain your SMS Update and email security settings.

Other services are also available over internet banking. The service is free of charge and all you need to use it is to visit a Capitec branch to register for remote banking. While there, you will set the PIN you will need to fill in along with your account number to log into the service.

How To Check Bank Statement On Capitec App?

One of the easiest and most comprehensive ways on how to check balance on Capitec is by using the Capitec application on your smartphone.

The first step is to download the app itself. To do this you need to visit a Capitec branch to register and verify your smartphone and email address. After you do this with the assistance of a consultant, you should immediately receive an SMS with a link to download the app.

After you tap the link and finish downloading, install the app and open it. Whenever you want to access the app, you will need to enter your remote banking PIN, which you will have to select while registering for the service at the bank branch.

When you are done with the login procedure, it is easy to figure out how to check bank statement on Capitec app. All your banking information will be displayed on the home screen, such as all cards and main account balances. All it takes to access a detailed statement is to tap on whatever balance you would like to view the statement for.

Incidentally, if you want to know how to check Capitec balance without airtime, the answer is also to use the app. Since the banking application involves zero data fees, you do not need airtime to access it.

How To Check Balance On Capitec Via Cellphone?

If you would like to know how to check Capitec balance without application, one of the good ways to do so is via mobile banking, that is using your cellphone. This is a free service provided by Capitec, so there is no monthly fee associated with it.

The first thing to do is register for mobile banking with a consultant on a Capitec branch. During the process, you will select a PIN to use as your password for the service. After you do this, you can start using mobile banking immediately.

With mobile banking, you can, among other functionalities, do the following:

  • Buy more airtime, data and/or sms bundles;
  • Access your account balances;
  • Transfer money between accounts;
  • Register for SMS Update for added security;
  • Block your card if it was stolen or lost;
  • Enable or disable tap to pay on cards;
  • Send statements via email;
  • Transfer money to friends and family;
  • Access the last 5 transactions.

The Capitec number to check balance and do any other mobile banking transaction is *120*3279#. Every time you wish to use mobile banking, you need to enter your PIN. You will also need airtime to access the service, and most providers charge 20c for every 20 seconds of use.

However, if you are out of airtime and need to use Mobile banking, you can dial *130*3279# free of charge to top up your own cell phone for free. This way, you can conveniently use the service whenever you may need to.

Please keep in mind that mobile banking only works inside South African territory.

Now that you know everything about how to check balance on Capitec, keep reading our blog and stay well informed with many useful articles!

How To Check Balance On Fnb And Why It’s Important To Know Your Balance

Many people wonder how to check fnb balance online so believe that this subject is more common then than one can imagine. It’s no shame to ask for information when you need it and that’s why this article was created, in it you can find a lot of precious information that you can use later.

For example, is there more than one way to check the account on fnb. So just sit down and read this article calmly and follow the step by step given throughout the text.

Because here you can find the correct way to do this through the website, cell phone and also by sms. Furthermore, if the client also needs to understand why it is important to see the balance on fnb will also be explained.

The First National Bank (FNB) provides various options so that its clients are satisfied with the company.


How To Check Balance On FNB

There are several possibilities to make a complete visualization of a bank account via the internet, for example, only in Mobile Banking there are the following options:

• eStore™
• Credit Center
• Secure Chat
• Online Statements

With this, the customer can feel confident that they will be able to solve their problem at any time. Throughout the text there are other great options to understand how to check balance on fnb.

How To Check FNB Balance Online

Some people prefer to do their banking online, to make it easier to do the work that can often be done quickly and if done in a physical location, could take time. For example, using the online banking you get lower fees, detailed balances, transaction history, transfer funds, eWallet available and global payments.

So if that sounds like a good option, just follow the steps below to do so.

• Go to the online banking
• Login using the username and password
• Select the option My Bank Accounts
• Choose My SIM Cards

How To Check FNB Balance Using A Phone

Many customers like to see their accounts conveniently with just a few taps, which is why fnb has created several ways to do a complete sweep of the account via cell phone. The options are as follows:

• FNB Banking App
• By SMS
• On the website

Remember that through the app you just need to create a login and the information will already be available.

Can I Check Fnb Balance By SMS?

Yes, for people who prefer a practical method of just dialing a few numbers on their cell phone, there is also the option of viewing the account via SMS. To do this, simply follow the steps below:

• Insert the FNB Connect SIM
• Dial *111# on the phone
• Select My Bank Accounts

Where I See The Ussd Fnb Code To Check The Balance?

With a FNB Cellphone Banking anyone can check balance on fnb,all you have to do is dial *120*321# on the phone and wait for the answer.

The ussd fnb code must appear on the cell phone screen at the moment the customer dials the number and follow the prompts during the call.

Why Is It Important To Know The Balance Of The FNB

Having total control within the segment of a person’s monetary life is important, so they don’t create problems for the future where they won’t be able to pay a bill, for example.

So if a customer can see everything that happens on his account, it is easier to avoid unnecessary headaches.


When a company realizes that its customer needs to have total power over their savings, that’s when business starts to grow because people need to have control of their life, in every way. And that’s why it is important to be able to visualize the fnb customer’s account.

Without this, accidents and problems can happen, and if a person can have this control, it is easier to solve these problems.

This article is for information purposes only, that is, it has no link with the company providing

the service, which perhaps may be mentioned in this article.

Paula Santinati
Jornalista que tenta levar informações que façam os leitores refletirem e terem novas perspectivas sobre diversos assuntos. Criadora do @blogps.