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How To Do A Driving Licence Application In South Africa?

    Many people ask themselves how to get international driving licence, and it is for this reason that this article was created.


    In the year of 1998, the government of South Africa changed the driver’s license codes. It is known that there are several options and codes for this licence but which one is really what the person is looking for?

    The system of driving licence in South Africa is very peculiar and regional, so there may be people who don’t know about it yet or just locals who have never had a driver’s license and now that they are thinking about it, they need help to choose the right one.

    In this article you can find several important pieces of information to find out before you actually have a licence. For example,

    Even if the reader already has a driver’s license, he will need to renew it, and over the years he may have forgotten what the codes are. So now, they can find out how to renew driving licence the right way.

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    How To Do A Driving Licence Application In South Africa?

    If someone wants to do a driving licence application in South Africa, he will need to be at least 18 years old. But some types of driver’s license may vary according to the code, for example:

    • Code A1: Minimum age at 17
    • Code A: Minimum age at 18
    • Code B: Minimum age at 18
    • Code C1: Minimum age at 18

    To actually perform the application, just follow the step-by-step.

    • Go to the website of Parivahan
    • Select the online services tab
    • Choose the option Driving Licence Related Services
    • Select the State
    • Select Apply for Driving Licence
    • Complete the info details

    How To Get An International Driving Licence?

    To know how to get international driving licence you will need to follow a few steps before you can get it.

    To apply for an international driving licence there’s some requirements.

    • South African Identity Document or other form of ID
    • A still valid South African driver’s licence
    • A postal code
    • A residential address
    • Two glossy passport photograph size
    • Four black & white photographs

    After that:

    • Attend a driving test center
    • Complete one DL1 application form
    • Complete the NCP form

    What Exams Are Needed For A Drivers Licence?

    There are some tests that the driver will need to pass:

    • Eyesight check
    • Show me, Tell me
    • Pulling over
    • Reversing and Independent driving
    • General Driving Ability

    How Much Is A Driving Licence ?

    To know how much is a driving licence in South Africa or even how long it’ll take will be necessary to check the person’s province. Generally the estimated time is four to six weeks.

    How To Renew Driving Licence?

    To apply for a replacement license, the driver should go to one test center with:

    • A copy of an ID
    • A postal and residential address (
    • Four identical photos
    • An DL1 form complete

    Driving Licence Renewal Form

    To apply for a driving licence renewal form, the driver can apply at any driving licence testing centre or at eNatis website. They should have a DL1 available.

    Driving Licence Renewal Cost

    To find out how much the price will be for the driving licence, you will need to ask a regional authority, as the price varies according to location.

    The options to find out how much it will be, are:

    • Johannesburg
    • City of Tshwane
    • City of Cape Town
    • Nelson Mandela Bay
    • Gauteng municipalities
    • Limpopo municipalities
    • Free State municipalities
    • North West municipalities
    • Eastern Cape municipalities
    • Mpumalanga municipalities
    • KwaZulu-Natal municipalities
    • Northern Cape municipalities
    • Western Cape municipalities

    What Vehicles Can You Drive With Code 10 Licence?

    According to SADES driving school, people can drive with code 10 licence the vehicles with mass of 3,500 kgs to 16,000 kgs. This code falls under the C1 category, which means that people will be able to steer any automobile containing less than 16,000 kgs or a trailer with less than 750 kilos.

    • A: This one is used for motorcycles only
      B: This one is to light automobiles with less than 3,500 Kilos
      C: This one is for heavy automobiles
      D: This one is used for combinations

    Lost Driving Licence. What Should I Do?

    If someones driving licence card is lost, stolen or even damaged, the person can apply for a new one, In the meantime a temporary driving licence will take place of the new one. The new one should be ready within four to six weeks.

    To do this, simply go to the nearest DLTC with a couple of documents.

    • Original and copy of identity document (ID)
    • A proof of postal and residential address
    • Four black and white photographs

    Can I Drive Without A Licence In SA?

    No, according to section 74 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1959 (SA) you can’t drive without a valid license in South Africa. If the driver does that, he will receive a penalty of $1250.


    To get a driver’s license, you will need to understand what codes the country offers. This can be a simpler job if one understands how the step-by-step works, as explained in the article.

    This article is for information purposes only, that is, it has no link with the company providing

    the service, which perhaps may be mentioned in this article.

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