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How To Check Balance On Bank Windhoek

    Bank Windhoek is one of the largest and oldest Namibian banking institutions. As a leader in its market, the company is constantly adapting to the newest technological developments in order to offer easy and safe banking solutions to clients.

    This means there are many ways to check your balance on Bank Windhoek nowadays. It is important to know that you can not only check your balance using an ATM, but also that remote banking options are available and which ones you are most comfortable using.

    In this article we will show you how to access your bank statement on Bank Windhoek in person and using the internet for remote banking. This can be done via cellphone banking, accessing internet banking options on your computer, via the banking app on smartphones and more.

    Keep reading this article and learn more about how to check balance on Bank Windohoek!

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    Check Your Bank Statement Via Banking App

    The first step to checking your balance on Bank Windhoek on your smartphone using the banking app, you will need to register for internet banking. When this is done, you need to download and install the banking app using your device’s app store.

    Please be attentive to make sure you are downloading the correct application! Pay attention to the app’s developer and distributor to make sure it comes from Bank Windhoek Holdings’ official profile. There are fake apps that may try to scam you and obtain your banking information, so make sure to keep safe by using the official one.

    Once installed, you must launch the app, then log in using your internet banking information. Once you have logged in, you will be able to view the balance of all your liked accounts on the app’s main screen.

    Check Your Tymebank Balance Online

    To check your Bank Windhoek balance using your computer, you will need to access your internet banking account. Go on the bank’s internet banking page and log in using your account information.

    Be aware that you need to register to use internet banking before logging in for the first time. After registering, you can log in from any device, including smartphones and other handheld devices such as tablets.

    Make A Balance Check Using Your Phone

    You can view your balance on Bank Windhoek using USSD codes. These are codes that mix numbers and symbols and can be used to activate many kinds of functions on your smartphone when dialed.

    To check your bank balance, you can type in the code *140*295*1# and hit dial. Follow the instructions that will appear on the screen prompt to access your account balance.

    You can also make a call about accessing your bank statement if you prefer. To do this, contact the Bank Windhoek Customer Contact Centre on 061 299 1200.

    Check Your Balance In Person

    You can also check your account balance by going to one of the Bank Windhoek branches. Once there, you can use an ATM with your card, or request in-person service to a bank worker.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Bank Windhoek Have Online Banking?

    Yes, Bank Windhoek offers a secure and convenient internet banking solution for those who want to access their bank account from the comfort of their homes.

    How Do I Reset My Windhoek Cellphone Banking?

    In case you forget your phone banking account information such as your PIN, it is advisable to contact the Bank Windhoek Customer Contact Centre on 061 299 1200 or 083 299 1200 and request a PIN change. You can also do this in person directly at a bank branch.

    What Is A Cellphone Banking PIN?

    Your cellphone banking PIN is a number that acts as your password to access your bank account using your cellphone. It is selected during registration for remote banking on Bank Widhoek.