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How To Check My DSTV Account Balance

    Those who don’t have a television service yet want to know what exactly it offers, but those who already have it usually need to know how to check dstv balance online.

    Many people have heard of the television company called MultiChoice. This is one of the major satellite television services in South Africa.

    It is worth mentioning that DStv offers a quality service for those who really enjoy watching television, since in addition to the channels on TV, it also offers television transmission to mobile devices, making life easier for a lot of people. For example, watch TV on laptops, smart phones and notebooks now it is a reality.

    So to find out important information about how this service works, for example how to check dstv balance via phone, just keep reading this article until the end.

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    How To Check Dstv Balance Online

    There is a simple and quick way to see the balance, all the client needs is a number to check dstv balance.

    Thinking about how important this look is for all customers, the company decided to create several ways to do this, but of course the online way is famous.

    On the Website

    • On a computer go to the DStv website
    • Tap the drop-down
    • Select the right country
    • Put the smartcard number
    • Log in
    • See the balance on the main page

    How To Check Dstv Balance Via Phone

    To make life easier for its customers, DStv has many ways for people to understand what is going on in their account and that is why today the most used methods digitally will be clarified.

    To understand how to use them, just follow the step by step described below.

    USSD Short Code

    • Go to the number dial on the phone
    • Dial *206#
    • Select one option
    • Follow the instructions

    MyDSTV App

    • Download the myDSTV on the phone
    • Open the app
    • Log in
    • Enter with one smart card number
    • Go to the main page to see DStv balance

    How To Pay DSTV

    Many clients wonder how to pay dstv online using absa app, and the answer is easy.

    To avoid any kind of error when paying a DStv bill, the company created a way for their customers to use the DStv Africa Self Service. this way it is possible to pay not only the person’s own bill, but also help someone else paying theirs.

    The person can choose to enter the official website of DStv, or use their app.


    • Go to the website
    • Log in
    • Select the How to pay option
    • Choose one option to pay
    • Send a message to the Whatsapp number
    • Choose Pay bill
    All clients can pay their bills on any ATM, all you have to do is input MultiChoice as the beneficiary of the payment.


    There is a way to pay a bill in person, and not just online. If someone is looking for that option, here it goes where the DStv can be paid:

    • PEP
    • Pick ‘n Pay
    • Shoprite
    • Checkers
    • Ackermans
    • Spar

    How To Contact Dstv

    All clients can call the number +256312245245 or send a Whatsapp message on +25678160091.


    In addition to having the service, it’s good to know how it works and also how to see account information or even how to pay the bill for this service, isn’t it?

    That’s why several payment options were created, being online or in person and also several ways to understand what is happening in the person’s account in a simple and fast way.

    Just choose a way that suits you better and enjoy everything the service has to offer.

    This article is for information purposes only, that is, it has no link with the company providing
    the service, which perhaps may be mentioned in this article.