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How To Check Your Makro Credit Card Balance

    Makro is one of South Africa’s biggest retail store chains. It offers its own credit card, which can be used to make in store or online purchases. This card is so versatile it is even accepted on other stores that are part of the RCS network. To keep up with your credit usage, it is advisable to learn how to check your Makro Card balance.

    In this article we will tell you more about how you can check your Makro Card credit balance. We will offer information on how you can check your balance, as well as some troubleshooting options for if you are unable to use your preferred method to see your credit balance.

    Keep reading our article and learn more about how to check your Makro credit card balance!

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    How To Check Your Makro Card Credit Balance

    Makro Card is Makro’s own store credit card. It is issued and administered by RCS, one of South Africa’s top consumer financial services providers. As such, Makro has its own internet banking environment for your convenience, named the Self-Service system.

    You can check your Makro Card credit balance on Self-Service. The balance will be shown on the system’s main screen, accessed upon logging in. You can also use the system to access and download electronic statements which show your balance.

    You can access Self-Service on your computer, tablet or smartphone through Makro’s website. This is also the address you must visit to register for Self-Service before you can use it. To register, just tap on the “My Account” button and follow the instructions given on the screen.

    Once you have registered for Self-Service, you can also use it on your smartphone by downloading the Makro Credit application on your device’s app store. You will be shown your balance on the main screen after logging in, and can also view and download your current and previous statements.

    You will need to confirm your login details as well as your mobile and Makro account numbers before you can access the app for the first time. If you don’t remember your account number, you can retrieve it by calling Makro’s customer service centre at 0861 888 009.

    What To Do If I Can’t Check My Balance On Makro Credit App?

    Please keep in mind that in order to use the Makro Credit app, you will need to have a smartphone that fulfills the minimum Operating System (OS) requirements. This means your smartphone needs to be on iOS version 8.0 or higher or Android version 4.4.4 or higher. The app is not compatible with other OSs.

    If the Makro Credit app does not seem to work on your smartphone, the first thing to do is check if your phone has an active internet connection via Wi-Fi or mobile data. You can also try resetting and then testing the connection to make sure it is working normally.

    You should then verify if the app has been downloaded and installed properly. If your device has no available storage space, the app may not have been able to finish installation. Storage availability can be managed on the memory and/or apps settings in your smartphone’s configuration menu.

    If Makro Credit doesn’t work even then, a possible solution is to delete the app, then update your device’s Operating System to the most recent version, download and install the app once more and try using it again. It may be necessary to turn your device off and on again for the changes to take effect.

    In case none of these troubleshooting options can help you connect to Makro Credit in order to check your credit card balance, it is advisable to call Makro’s customer service centre at 0860 300 999. Customer service representatives are available Monday to Saturday from 8AM to 6PM and Sundays and public holidays from 9AM to 4PM.

    Now that you know more about making a Makro credit card balance check, continue reading our blog and learn more handy life tips like this!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do I Find My Makro Card Number?

    If you wish to know your Makro Card number, you can do so by logging into your Makro Credit profile. There, the app’s system can inform you about your number after you answer a few security questions about your personal details.

    What Is The Difference Between Makro Credit And Makro Card?

    The Makro Card is the credit card itself, which you can use to buy at Makro and other stores on the RCS network. Makro Credit is Makro’s smartphone online banking application, in which you can view your balance and more. A digital version of your Makro card can be generated on the app.

    My Makro Card Is Blocked. What Do I Do?

    In case your Makro Card becomes blocked, this means it cannot be used to make purchases at Makro or other associated stores part of the RCS network, and you will not earn mRewards points for the mCard loyalty programme.

    If you wish to unblock your card, you can contact Makro’s customer service centre on 0860 309 999 and ask for help from an attendant.