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Know More About The Makro Credit Card

    Makro is a large retail store chain with a significant presence in South Africa, both in terms of physical stores and online sales. It offers goods such as houseware, electronics, groceries and more. If you wish to take advantage of the convenience Makro has to offer, it might be interesting to learn more about the Makro credit card.

    In this article, we will bring you information about the Makro store credit card, such as the benefits it provides, what you can do with it and more. We will also tell you what you need to do to qualify for an application and how to apply for the card.

    Keep reading our article and learn more about the Makro credit card!

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    What Benefits And Features Does The Makro Credit Card Offer?

    Makro Credit is how the credit service offered by Makro is known. It consists of a credit card that allows you to shop at all stores in South Africa. The card can be used as well to buy from their ecommerce platform and even other stores in the RCS network such as Cambridge Food.

    As for the benefits it offers, some of the most interesting are:

    • Access to online banking via Makro’s Self-Service platform or the mCard smartphone application;
    • The chance to earn an additional 1% in mRewards when using the mCard app and paying with the credit card;
    • The opportunity to choose from three different repayment options with monthly payments: revolving credit, 24 or 36 months;
    • Free access to a monthly statement via email or SMS;
    • Free use of the SMS security notification system that warns you after every card purchase.

    Makro Credit Online Banking

    One of the most convenient features of Makro Credit cards is the access to the Makro Self-Service online banking environment.

    If you want to register for Self-Service, you can do so on Makro’s website registration page. By registering to use it, you can log into a profile that lets you view your account and access many options to better control your credit usage.

    You can also access your profile by using the Makro Credit smartphone applications, available on Google’s Play Store for Android phones and Apple’s App Store for iPhones.

    Some benefits to using Makro’s online banking service are that it allows you to:

    • View your credit balance, availability and spending;
    • Access and download your statements;
    • Access cash;
    • Edit your account details;
    • Pay your outstanding balance;
    • Opt for e-statements and more.

    What Do You Need To Apply For A Makro Credit Card?

    There are a few requisites to fulfill in order to qualify for a Makro Credit card. You must be at least 18 years old, have a valid email address and be gainfully employed while earning at least R2.000 per month.

    If you qualify and wish to apply for a credit card at Makro, you will need to produce the following documentation:

    • An official and valid South African ID document, driver’s license or Smart Book;
    • Your payslips or proofs of income that shows you earn at least the minimum monthly amount to qualify for a card;
    • You may be asked to provide bank statements as well to supplement your proof of income documentation.

    How Can You Apply For A Makro Credit Card?

    If you are sure you qualify for the card and have the required documentation ready, you can apply for a Makro Credit card via Makro’s online application page on their website.

    You can also go to a Makro store and ask for assistance from a consultant to start your procedure. In this case, keep in mind you will need to bring the required documentation with you so it can be presented while filling in the application form.

    Now that you know more about the Makro credit card, continue reading our blog and discover more useful and practical tips like this!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In Which Stores Can I Use My Makro Credit Card?

    You can use your Makro credit card to shop at Builders, Game, Cambridge Food and all other stores that are part of the RCS retail network.

    Can Anyone Buy At Makro?

    Yes, so long as you fulfill the requisites: you must be 18 years old or above, must have a valid email address and you need to register for Makro credit and have your number ready to see. If you are already a Makro Credit client, all it takes is to wait for verification.

    What Bank Is Makro Credit Card?

    Makro Credit cards are issued and administered by RCS, one of the largest retail and financial solutions networks in South Africa. This means the cards have access to a variety of benefits and can be used in many stores part of the RCS network other than just Makro.