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How To Apply For An RCS Credit Card

    RCS is one of South Africa’s largest shopping and financial services networks. With stores all over the country, it is a popular chain to shop for many kinds of goods, from groceries to beauty products. If you shop there frequently and want to build your credit history while at it, it may be useful to know how to make an RCS credit card application.

    In this article, we offer information about how to apply for an RCS credit card. We will tell you about the required documentation and conditions you must fulfill to have a chance at your application being approved. We will also offer information on the application process itself and more.

    Continue reading this article and learn more about how to apply for RCS!

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    What Do You Need To Apply For An Rcs Credit Card?

    There are a few conditions you must fulfill to apply for a credit card at RCS and have the chance to be approved. These are:

    • You must be 18 years old or above, and be able to prove it with a South African ID document;
    • You have to be gainfully employed and earn at least R1000 per month. This includes if you are self-employed;
    • Your RCS account must be older than 3 months and not be in arrears.

    If you fulfill these requirements, you are eligible for an application. To start the procedure, you must be ready to produce a few documents:

    • An official and valid South African ID document, Smart Book or driver’s license;
    • Your 3 latest payslips or proofs of income if you are self-employed. These must be no older than 3 months and prove you earn at least the minimum income necessary to qualify;
    • A bill or bank statement that serves as proof of residence in South Africa, no older than 3 months.

    Even if the minimum monthly income to apply for an RCS card is R1000, the card comes with a personalized credit limit offer that ranges between R750 and R50.000. The more income you are able to prove you earn, the greater the credit limit RCS is going to make available to you.

    How To Apply For A Credit Card At RCS?

    When you have your documentation ready, you can go to select retailers in South Africa and ask for the RCS credit card application form to begin the procedure. If this is how you would prefer to do your application, it is advisable to consult your local retailer and see if they offer the option to apply on site.

    If you would like to apply from your home, you can make the procedure via the RCS website. On their online application page, you will be asked to fill in a preliminary application form. 

    You will receive a response on the preliminary screening, and if it is positive, you will have to fill in the full application form and wait for the result after you submit it. Keep in mind that at this stage there will be an income check no matter if it is taken online or in stores.

    If your application is approved, all you need to do next is go to the nearest store to collect your card and start using it. Keep in mind you will need to present your South African ID document or Smart Book to be able to receive the card.

    Now that you have learned more about how to make an application for an RCS credit card, keep reading our blog ands ee more about other useful practical life tips!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Draw Cash From My RCS Card?

    Yes, it is possible to make withdrawals of cash advances using your RCS credit card. However, before you are allowed to access the cash, you will be assessed by RCS’ team to see if you qualify for the service.

    If you are approved on the assessment, you can request the cash advance via RCS’ Customer Service line on 0861 729 727, by using the RCS smartphone application or through RCS’ self-service portal on their website.

    Which Bank Does RCS Use?

    RCS credit cards are issued and administered by Standard Bank, one of the most relevant banking institutions in South Africa. Because of that, this credit card has access to a variety of services and uses even outside of RCS stores.

    Can I Use My RCS Card For Petrol?

    Yes, your RCS credit card can be used to refuel your vehicle in some gas stations across South Africa. Engen and Shell are the ones that have the greatest number of stations that will accept RCS credit cards as a payment method. It is advisable to see with the gas station attendants if your specific station accepts the card before refueling.