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TUT Online Application: How to Apply and Submit Documentation

    The Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) was established in 2004 and is the largest residential in South Africa. Known as the People’s University, it has nine campuses and two learning sites in Gauteng, Mpumalanga,

    Cape Town, Durban, and Limpopo. More than 60,000 students apply every year, and more than 400 career options are offered. However, as large as the university is, there are a limited number of spots available. Thus, applying and submitting your documents promptly is essential. This guide details the TUT online application process.

    From filling out the TUT online application form and knowing what documents are required to register to TUT to how to upload the necessary documents to TUT, we cover it all. Whether it’s online registration at TUT or a late application for TUT, you will find all the answers you need below.

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    TUT Online Application: How to Apply

    There are a few things you require before filling out the TUT online application form. These are as follows:

    • An active email address
    • Your APS, calculated
    • Scanned copies of your documents
    • A certified identification document (for South African students)
    • Your passport (for international students)

    Students also have the option of submitting offline/hardcopy applications. To do this, students must download the TUT Application Form and fill it out. They must then either post the application and supporting documentation or hand-deliver it. You can find a PDF of the TUT application form here.

    If you decide to post the application, you should do so at this address:

    • Tshwane University of Technology
    • Private Bag X680
    • Pretoria 0001

    If you decide to hand-deliver the application, it must be done so here:

    • Central Admissions Office
    • Building 21-LG20
    • Pretoria Campus
    • Staatsartillerie Road

    Pretoria West

    Applications for other campuses also have to be submitted to the address above. This includes the following campuses:

    • Pretoria Campus
    • Arcadia Campus
    • Ga-Rankuwa Campus
    • Arts Campus
    • Soshanguve North and South Campus

    However, distance campus applications have to be posted at different addresses. You can find the details here.

    TUT Online Application Form

    To fill out the TUT online application form, you must first visit the TUT website. First-time applications should register first. This requires a name, email, password, knowledge of the programme you’re applying to, and your qualifications.

    Once you have an account to log into, you must click the “Apply for Admission” link under the “Admission” tab. After filling out the relevant information, you will move forward to the Registration, Application, and document uploading stage. You must then upload all supporting documents and pay the application fee of R240 once you’ve received a student number. The final step is submitting the completed application.

    Documents Required to Register to TUT

    The following documents are required to register to TUT. Make sure you fulfill all the conditions before the closing date. All documents must be certified copies of the originals.

    • Grade 11 and latest Grade 12 results
    • Final transcript of current studies (for transfer students)
    • Your ID
    • Your parent/guardian’s ID
    • Proof of residence
    • Most recent payslip

    It’s also important to note that both you and your parent/guardian need to sign the declaration form.

    International students and non-South African citizens also have to submit a study permit before registration. Other documents for international and exchange students include:

    • Passport identification pages
    • Academic results and transcript
    • Proof of university registration (home university)
    • Letter of recommendation
    • Proof of medical insurance

    How to Upload the Necessary Documents to TUT

    You can upload the necessary documents to your online application or submit them with your posted or hand-delivered application. It’s also acceptable to scan and email the certified documents. However, please note that faxed documents are not acceptable.

    TUT Closing Date for 2022

    The closing dates for the 2022 academic year differ based on the program you apply to, the degree you want, whether you’re an international student, and more. Make sure to follow these deadlines to submit your application and supporting documents successfully.

    • 15th May 2022 for courses that start in July 2022
    • 15th June for all international applicants
    15th June for select courses (check this here)
    31st July for select courses (check this here)
    • 30th September for all other courses

    Which Is the Fee for Application at TUT?

    The application fee to apply to TUT is R240. This fee is non-refundable.

    Cash should never be posted. Postal orders and cheques should be used (via registered mail) to pay the application fee. The required amount should be paid via EFT or at the bank. Proof of payment must be submitted for electronic payments.

    Who Can Apply at TUT?

    TUT admission requirements for specific qualifications must all be fulfilled to be accepted. Since limited spaces are available, a complete application may not be enough to secure a spot at the university.

    Whether you’re a first-time student or a current student who wants to change to a different qualification, you must apply. Even if you were previously accepted to the university and accepted the offer, you must apply again if you failed to register.

    We hope this helps you apply to TUT. Whether it’s the TUT online application or the hardcopy application, we have covered all the essential information needed. Good luck with your application!