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How To Apply For A Credit Card At Woolworths

    Nowadays, a credit card is an important financial tool. They may be useful for people who wish to start or strengthen their financial planning and budgeting, for instance. They can also be used to cover for when the need to make an unexpected expense arrives. That’s why it might be interesting to know how to apply for a credit card at Woolworths.

    In this article we will tell you about the requirements you need to fulfill to apply for a card at Woolworths. We also offer information about the documents you need to apply for, how you can make your application, what happens if it is approved, when you can collect your card and more.

    Continue reading and discover more about how to make a Woolworths credit card application!

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    What Do You Need To Qualify For A Woolworths Credit Card?

    In order to have a chance to be approved in a credit card application at Woolworths, you must fulfill two requisites: be 18 years old or above and be able to prove you have the minimum monthly earnings required for the card you are applying to.

    The minimum earning limit for the Gold card is R3000 per month. The Black card, on the other hand, requires that you earn at least R41,666 per month.

    To start your application, there are a few documents you must present. These are:

    • A copy of a valid South African ID document or Smart Book;
    • A copy of your most recent payslip, proof of income or bank statement showing your salary;
    • A copy of an utility bill or bank statement no more than 3 months old as proof of residential address. Absa or Woolies statements are not accepted for this.

    There is a monthly service fee associated with the use of your card. The Gold card has a R53 service fee, while the Black card charges a fee of R69.

    There is also a one-time, upfront initiation fee when your application is approved. For the gold card you must pay R185, and for the Black card, R135.

    Other fees may be applicable depending on what type of card you have and which transaction you wish to make. It is advisable to consult your contract to be informed about these fees and when they may be applicable to your situation.

    How Can You Apply For A Credit Card At Woolworths?

    There are two ways to apply for a credit card at Woolworths. The most traditional one is to go to the nearest Woolworths store and ask an attendant for the application forms you must fill in. If this is how you would like to do it, you must have the full required documentation with you and be ready to present it when requested.

    The second way to apply is to use your computer or smartphone to apply online. You can do so via the Woolworths digital application page, which has detailed instructions to assist you along the procedure.

    Whatever the method to apply you choose, it may take a few days for you to be informed if your application was approved or not. If it was, you can collect it at a store or have it delivered to your home or workplace. Keep in mind you will need to show a valid South African ID document or Smart Book so you can collect your card.

    Now that you have learned more about Woolworths credit card applications, continue reading our blog and keep yourself up to date with useful practical tips!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which Bank Is Woolworths Credit Card?

    Woolworths credit cards are issued by Absa Bank, one of South Africa’s top 5 biggest banking institutions. They are also Visa cards, which means they are widely accepted cards with many compatible ATMs, vendors and a variety of services at a holder’s disposal.

    Can I Withdraw Cash From Woolworths Credit Card?

    Yes, you can use your Woolworths credit card to make withdrawals at any ATMs compatible with Visa cards. Since these are advance withdrawals, the amount withdrawn counts against your card’s credit limit and interest is charged starting from the day of the withdrawal up until the balance is fully paid off.

    There may be a fee to make advance withdrawals at ATMs using your credit card. It is advisable to consult your contract before making this kind of transaction.

    Can I Do Online Banking With Woolworths Credit Card?

    Yes, you can use your Woolworths credit card to pay for transactions made on the Woolworth internet banking platform. It will be usable as a payment method so long as there is enough credit available for you to pay with.